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Friday, 6 February 2015


Another tidy area
 I spent an hour just sorting my shelves, putting all my ribbons in the tins and boxes, and ensuring the contents in my wooden dish look tidy. I love all things wooden, and can not walk past items without touching them. This shuttle is just beautiful to me. 
My green basket holds my finished cross stitch and other small fabrics, when the contents spill out, I know it's time to get me sewing machine out.
It's been a busy day, I caught up with the ironing as well this morning. I had lunch with Ann, who I worked with, this is the first time I have stayed in contact with someone once I leave a job. Having worked a year together, we have become very good friends.
When I got back home I found a parcel from Dawn, she had sent to me some evenweave, left over from her shop, 3 packs, which has been added to my stash.
 I have had this unit for years, 
I keep my silks very neat and tidy, in number order, ready for use, 
and looks good next to my chair in the sitting room.
 The large bottom drawer is for fabrics, and a few sewing items.
 My main sewing items are kept in this huge tool box, again I have had it for years, I find it great, easy to move to where I am sewing and everything together. Plus my sharp sewing shears are safe for the grand sons. The wine bottle holder has my knitting needles in.
 We did not stitch yesterday afternoon, so much gossip and so little time. 
I did work on the skater last night.
Tonight it's the first 6 Nations rugby match, 
Wales v England, 
so my Welsh hubby, will watch the match and shout at the TV, 
so loads of stitching time for me.


  1. It's all nice and organised. I didn't know there was a rugby match on tv tonight, Eleanor's out for a meal with friends so I suppose Mick will be watching the rugby whilst I entertain myself.

  2. I love to see things all neat and tidy, I really love your unit.

  3. Great organisation, I have a Welsh husband too, I shall be knitting though while he yells at the TV. Hope you have a pleasant stitchy evening.

  4. Very neat, very tidy and what a huge shuttle. I love the feel and touch of wooden items too.

  5. Everything looks so organized Marlene. I can't leave anything out - I have very bad cats. Nice progress on the skater.


  6. How beautifully organised and so colourful!

  7. Sounds like you have had a good day! Everything is so well organized! Good for you.

  8. I love your cabinet with all your threads so neat and tidy.

    We watched the rugby last night but with happier results than perhaps your husband.

  9. A beautiful cabinet for your threads.

  10. That's quite a stash Marlene but its so organised and looks really pretty. I am after a new sewing machine - haven't used one for years but been inkling after one for a while now :)



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