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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Sad little post

With the tidy theme on blogger at the moment
let me ask you a question
what does your carrier bags look like
mine is folded as on the right
 This is the saddest thing I am every going to post
how to fold your carrier bags
Flatten the bag
 Fold in half and then half again, 
long and thin
Handles at top
 Then fold the corner
 and keep folding into triangle shape
one fold on top of the other
 At the top
fold the excess into the pouch created with the folds
 Much better
 Six bags in my kitchen drawer
Small enough to keep a couple in my hand bag
I have not found a 'you tube' tape of this, but it is the same style as a flag is folded.
I'm off please forgive me for this post.


  1. My husband folds them and puts them in his back pockets of whatever trousers/jeans he is wearing. When we are out shopping he always has a neatly folded bag in his pocket!
    Julie xxx

  2. I just shove all my bags inside another one and stuff them in a kitchen cupboard. I don't think there's any hope for me.

  3. Do you think you should get out more ?

  4. Not sad at all! I am so tempted to have a go, mine are shoved inside another bag x

  5. I have far too many carrier bags, I keep them to take when I go carbooting,I think this year they are going to start charging for them,I must try harder to keep some good strong reusable ones in the back of the car.

  6. Good post, when they start charging for bags in england people will look after them better, it took me while to get into the habit here in Wales of always having a bag on me as thy already charge for them. :-)

  7. Sadly in my attempt to get on top of my clutter I'm tempted to give it a go. :)

  8. What a great little tip - stored up for future use - many thanks!

  9. I have never seen anyone fold their bags . . but, it is a smart thing to do . . . might start doing it.

    It reminds me of how we used to fold our notes that we passed in junior high school :)

  10. Snap - just the way I fold mine.

    Here's a link -


  11. A great post, and what a neat folding idea, better go and set too with my bag of stuffed bags and make them tidy ... thanks ....

  12. Oh dear Marlene, another folding session, it does make sense though, we have to pay for plastic bags in Wales and it makes sense to store them in a way that prevents damage. I do not have a single one to my name but am going to try folding a fabric one, just out of curiosity you understand. Carry on regardless.

  13. I've often seen people use this method of folding bags. It is incredibly space saving. No forgiveness necessary. Marie Kondo could learn something from this post. ;)



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