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Tuesday, 3 February 2015


The snow arrived this morning
 Just a sprinkling
and now it's all gone
 My new dies arrived yesterday
Just a few using old Christmas cards
These are going to be useful
 I love the fine lace designs,
I have been busy this morning, sorting out my large drawer with my craft cards in, I had loads of hand made cards, which I made years ago, they are now to basic for me to send, so some are ready for the charity shops and the rest have been binned. So instead of every thing being packed tightly into the drawer, now it's all sorted and neat. I will be able to find loads of different cards to use as the base for my home made cards.
It's better than Christmas, I have cards I forgot I had! I will not need to buy any more this year.
I had a couple of comments about how green my fingers are, but I only show you the healthy plants, I have loads of sick looking plants as well. With regards to growing the lemon and lime pips, I read a tip which said if you wash the pip until it is clean, and then plant on top of the soil in a warm sunny spot. it worked for me.
I'm picking both Josh and Sam up from school this afternoon, so loads of laughter soon.
Keep warm if you can.


  1. The snow has eventually caught up with you then. We've got a sunny day here today, it's lovely to see some blue sky for a change. Enjoy the afternoon with the boys.

  2. We had a like dusting yesterday but it soon cleared. I like your tags, I think a die machine would be good for me as I don't cut very straight sometimes.

    I am going to have a go at the lemon and lime plants, I have some lemons just waiting to be used.

  3. Well done on the tidying front and
    Wonderful use of old cards.

    We have snow today, bit it's almost gone.

    Good luck with the plants.


  4. First 'proper' snow here too. I love how you reuse your Christmas cards, your new dies are pretty xx

  5. That's just the right amount of snow! All gardeners have to have some failures! Each spring I have my fingers crossed till I see the new growth on my plants.



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