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Monday, 9 February 2015


These roses are two weeks old tomorrow, 
there are fewer in numbers, but they have lasted well.
 More stitching
His outfit is done, 
I decided to make his scarf red and white, it matches her outfit.
 I am loving this, different style for me
it won't take long to finish.
 Any one reading my blog, will know I am not a cook or baker, hubby loves to cook and does 98% of everything, but I do try on his birthday, Fathers day and our Christmas cake. 
We are staying in on Valentines evening, I am not one for sharing our special moment with loads of other diners, with the restaurant arranging everything. I have decided to make the desert, making individual Chocolate baskets, which I will fill with ice cream and fresh fruits. I will decorate using the blue tray with white and milk chocolate, and plain chocolate spoons. 
I will make 4, and send 2 to Su and David, they are home on the evening, David is cooking for Su. 
Our weather is crazy, today is overcast and dull, it's really gloomy here.
Yesterday, we had bright sunshine and it felt really warm. I worked in the bottom of our garden in the full sun shine. My staging in my oldest greenhouse collapsed in December, the bottom had rusted through, so I pulled every thing out of both green houses, disposed of the rusty staging and checked the other set, I am going to have to replace both. Hubby has suggested he make some wooden for me, but for now, I will have limited space in one greenhouse. I planted 4 x Aquilegia's and 3 lilies. The Aquilegia's can go into the ground, but I have them in pots ready to fill holes in my garden. I then pulled items out of my shed and gave in there a tidy, my new pot is at the back until it's warm enough to bring my Olive out.
I have potted 5 cucamelon's again this year, they are in my office on the warm window sill, I am still waiting for a few weeks before planting more seeds.
We are planning my raised bed to replace all the tubs I use, and still looking for a new water feature, hubby would like a fire pit, so loads of changes in the garden this year. Soon I will have my white table and chairs dipped to remove all the old paint.
Really looking forward to our Summer this year.


  1. It sounds like you've got lots of plans for your garden this year, I look forward to seeing all the changes you make. The chocolate baskets sound delicious, I hope you will share them on your blog once you've made them as I'd love to see them.

  2. The roses have lasted well. I love the cross-stitching
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. I've just looked back at your chocolate basket - oh wow. How much of each kind of chocolate did you use to drizzle?

  4. Your skaters are looking great Marlene.


  5. Your roses have lasted really well.
    Roll on spring so we can all get out into the garden a bit more...

  6. As always you have your garden and plants planned. Maybe if you get up North you can sort mine out :) Mmmm chocolate baskets look delicious - enjoy. Can't believe how long your roses have lasted!



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