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Saturday, 21 February 2015

New start

I have done some stitching, most of the first design, just the central words.
As always I have a busy time whilst back home, Thursday I spent some time with my older sister, a couple hot drinks and loads of catch up. I also saw Leanna my younger sister.
Yesterday was a nanna day, here we are all together, Logan and his baby brother Finn, we went out for the perfect lunch, and spent loads of time catching up. Finn was a great little man and slept all through the meal, Logan played with his Batman and super hero toys. Both boys grow up so fast, I last saw them in late December, so Finn has changed so much. We did have time to play on the adventure area in the garden. 
I will pop back and see them on Sunday for another round of cuddles and giggles.
I brought my desk top computer with me, Martin is checking it over and replacing the graphics card, he also wanted to upgrade my programs and cleared my computer. Not to risk losing all my work, I went ahead and ordered my book, 2014. So it should be with me within the two weeks. Everything else has been backed up.
Today I will spend most of my time with Leanna, we are planning a craft day, I am hoping we can avoid a shopping trip, so far this long weekend is getting expensive. Plus I would like to do some card making, I am hoping to use her dies and make some toppers for my stash, I did bring loads of my paper and thin card.
Tonight the plan is to pop to Visit Ivan, younger brother for a couple of hours, with Martin, I will be their driver, I am also making Paella for tea. I should have made it yesterday but after such a huge lunch, I passed on an evening meal.


  1. It sounds like you're having a wonderful time. Enjoy those cuddles with Logan and Finn.

  2. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time catching up with your family.

  3. Enjoy your time with Finn and Logan . . . which I'm sure you are . . and your siblings :)

  4. Pretty new start. Have fun with the little ones.


  5. Such cute little guys. It sounds like you are having a great visit with family.

  6. Nanna day sounds like it was fun. Love that little heart.



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