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Sunday, 15 February 2015

They tasted good, but

Both the Valentines cards
my baskets were bowls, filled with rhubarb and champagne  yogurt
fresh raspberries and blueberries
when I popped the balloon on each basket the sides broke
dark, white and milk chocolate baskets.
Our starter was Covent Garden beetroot soup, hubby made mushroom risotto
We stayed dry and had a bottle of pomegranate and elder flower sparkling water from the Green Bottle company, hubby was not sure, but he did enjoy a couple of glasses  
We played with our camera's in the afternoon,
the light in our kitchen is not good
but I got the effect I wanted.
Skaters now have most of the snow, 
Plus another cute bird and a bare tree. I finished the lamp, and in my style did the rest in the golden colour, the design was to stitch in white. I'm over half way.
 cute bird
 I have moved the Avocado plant from the window, it is big and was getting in the way, it sits at the back of the office, still a very sunny spot. 
My Lemon and Lime plants are growing, soon they will require a bigger pot. 
My cucamelon  seeds are in the square pot, they are very slow starters. 
No roots on my leaves yet.

It's another sunny morning here, we are going out for a drive later, with our camera's. This evening we are having an informal meeting for the photography club, our tutor texted us and we are meeting for an outside shoot. He has so much knowledge to pass on, and is very keen for us all to learn and get great shots.
I have signed up for another SAL, from a french designer, I have seen her work on Pintrest and tracked her down, sent in my fee and I'm now waiting for the links, it's 12 monthly designs, so I will have a bit of catching up to do. Once finished skater, I am going to check my stash, I have so many things to stitch, and of course Winter Watergarden, oh how I wish I could love it again and finish it.
My 2014 book is almost ready to go for printing, I want to read through all the post just one more time, I have checked the layouts and the spelling. I now require Blurb to send through a discount code via e-mail, I don't mind waiting, normally they are 20% off, which is a nice saving.
Now I'm going to read blogs, I follow so many and love catching up with everyone, it will be nice to see how many celebrated yesterday and it what way, but my feeling is most of you are like us, nice meal at home together.
PS, I'm looking for another book to read, any suggestions.


  1. Your chocolate bowls look great
    Julie xxxxx

  2. I think your baskets looks very yummy. Skaters is coming on a treat, I love the little cute bird.

  3. The chocolate looks yummy. Love the skaters.


  4. Great chocolate bowls and sounds like a great dinner. Those skaters are the cutest!

  5. Fantastic photograph you captured. The skaters looks so lovely.



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