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Monday, 23 February 2015

Home sweet home

 I have managed to do some more stitching, 
so far only two squares have been released
my in true me style, I have stitched six boxes.
 I hope to get these two finished in the next few days
and then back to skaters
I am pleased to be back home, I had a great time away, the journey down was hard, the A34 just before the motorway was closed so I had to travel along the A303, with everyone else, it was a long journey made worse but the idiot drivers who were trying to get ahead all the time. My journey home this afternoon was via the motorway's and much easier.

I had a day with my sister, we did card crafting, I took loads of my card and cut out dies from her stash, she used loads of mine. Leanna did want me to leave a few of my dies, but I resisted, it's not something I want to start, our taste are very different.
We did make up loads of cards for Leanna to sell, she had purchased a kit, printed with fairies, butterflies and flowers, none to my taste, but we did make 20+ cards.
 Just a few I cut for my stash
beautiful embossing design, goes well with this card
I managed to get to see everyone I wanted, and enjoyed a lovely visit on Sunday to Logan and Finn, both were sleepy after a hectic morning, but it was great to have time with mummy and daddy.
It was great to catch up with older sister Liz and younger brother Ivan, we did not go out on Saturday evening, but had Sunday morning drinking coffee and chatting. I love to stay with my  brother Martin, we get on so very well, he worked on this computer, but I really have to purchase a new one, we are just weighing up if I should get a lap top.
But it is so nice to be back at home with hubby. 


  1. I love the design that your stitching - very pretty. Well done on getting ahead of the game with stitching the boxes!
    Sounds like you had a nice trip away and a lovely day of card making.... :o)
    Hugs xx

  2. I know just what you mean. We just got home from a trip too. Being home is great! I am glad you had a good visit.

  3. Your stitching is looking beautiful:)

  4. Family time is so precious.
    Lovely stitching.

  5. It sounds like you had a lovely time away, but I'm just the same, I like to get back home again too.



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