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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Proud mum

Both daughters before their Moonlit memories walk
raising funds for Rowan's hospice
1000 people walked
 We picked them up at 12.30ish
a late night for me, but I got loads of stitching done
this central design is almost finished,
the gaps have two different designs,
I have to decide what colour to use, or even to add a new colour
 Melon time, it's steadily increasing in size, 
I have a couple other small ones forming
I think I will limit how many I allow to grow, 
it's better to have a few I can get to harvest size.
 Question time
these are free flowers from my neighbours garden
can anyone identify them for me please.
I'm tired this morning it was past 2am when I got to bed, I really can't remember the last time we were up so late, but we are having a lazy start on this Fathers day. Hubby has had his lovely cards and a couple of gifts, later we are off out for the day.


  1. Brilliant stitching as usual. You did have a late one, I hope that you have a good day out. I am about tom load a quilt onto the frame before getting the washing ironed. It looks like rain here soon, I don't mind I have lots to do indoors.

  2. Well done to your daughters, such a worthy cause to raise funds for. Enjoy your day.

  3. Try Googling Purple annual or perrenial flowers/ You may be able to find the name of your plant . . you may need to call it blue instead of purple.

    Have you ever taken a clean mold (for candy, etc) and placed them around a gourd/melon as it grew . . . you would need a big one. WHen it is harvested, the gourd/melon looks like the mold. Bet the boys would LOVE that if you coud find something that would work. (Oh, you need two and then join them together some how.)

  4. Beautiful sewing there. I didn't go to bed til nearly 2 and am paying for it now despite a nan a nap this afternoon!

  5. What lovely daughters and you must be very proud of their efforts! Hope your day was great and I don't recognize that pretty flower.

  6. Well done girls.
    I don't do late nights anymore either - your stitching you did in the extra hours looks lovely.

  7. Purple toadflax could be your mystery flower?



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