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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Whats on yours?

Window sill update
 New flowers on my African Violet
below new plants forming from leaves
I want to put these in nice pots as gifts
 Kiwi seedlings now with 3 leaves
 Orange plant
 Rosemary and Basil cuttings
in my new bottle, looks lovely on the window sill
and smells divine
Our Magnolia tree is dropping it's seeds
onto the new lawn so each day I collect them
Josh took this photo for me
Cross stitch update
 I decided to stick with the colour's I have already used
I'm pleased with this, it's looking good. 
Hope to get the center done so I can finish the outside. 
I finished at 3pm today, so a nice long late afternoon and evening at home, hubby is cutting the grass, how quickly it is growing, our weather is perfect, warm days with rain every 2/3 days. Soon I will wander around the plot, not much to harvest as yet, but it's all coming along.
No other plans for tonight, not seeing the boys, they are going straight home after school, but I will pick them up tomorrow.


  1. There's just my three orchids on my windowsill now, everything's been relegated to the greenhouse or outside. Our grass needs cutting, no sooner is it done than it needs doing again, everything's growing like weeds at the moment.

  2. 2 empty vases and a watering can plus the usual climbing plant that's taking over the kitchen.

  3. I've got a large bushy basil and a frothy parsley plant on the kitchen windowsill. Along with my Nigella duck egg blue storage jars! Nowt in em mind !

  4. All you tidy peeps, I have a plant that I aim to take to Dawn soon, a china bowl full of little sewing thingys, some thread, 2 bobbin boxes, a "lugless wonder" with frixion pens in it, at least 3 patterns and a teapot full of 1 1/2" squares of fabric, oh and 2 sugar bowls with 2" squares and my sharps container for blunt needles and bent pins. I bet there is some dust in there as well. I do clean it off once a week.

  5. My window sill is empty!! I do love that stitching project. The colors are beautiful.

  6. A few more sweet peas were cut last night and they adorn my kitchen window sill.
    Such a pretty design you are stitching.



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