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Sunday, 7 June 2015

It's not need....

We popped out to Hobbycraft and Haskins
and a few plants came home with us 
Gypsophylla, Nemesia Amelie and Diascia Apple Blossom
all planted and looking good
We saw these whilst we were out
taken on my phone so quality not so good
 Beautiful birds
I always saw owls flying around,
 as a child on walks through our local fields
back home in Somerset.
17 tiny Kiwi seedlings
I moved them around the tray to give each growing space. 
I also got a gift for hubby for fathers day, he loves feeding our wild birds, I found a super bird feeder, quiet expensive, but it is a gift, and it will take seeds without them all falling all over the ground.
Almost everything I purchased in Hobbycraft was on special, I did not have a shopping list it was just a quick trip out.
It has been perfect here, a warm sunny afternoon, I sat in the sun chatting with a friend for three hours, nice way to spend Sunday afternoon. Wearing shorts and a thin top, enjoying all the work done in our garden.  Fliss cooked tea, risotto which was lovely. Soon I will sit and stitch or read, not sure yet.
Hope your weekend was as enjoyable.  


  1. Owls are such beautiful birds aren't they? OH often sees barn owls down our lane when he's coming home from work in the early hours of the morning.

  2. I love the owls, I have been watching SpringWatch they have some babies on there.
    Would love to see the new feeder when hubby puts it up x

  3. Sounds like a lovely week end those owls are lovely :-)

  4. I love nemesia, one of my favourite plants. The owls are beautiful, I think all birds of prey are stunning though, they fascinate me.

  5. Eagerly waiting to see hubby's new bird feeder.



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