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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

I've felt better

Melon anyone, beginning to swell
grows in the hot greenhouse, I keep the door shut all day
 More white flowers
growing in the bottom corner
 Love in the mist
I threw loads of seeds in the side bed
reminds me of my mum's garden
 Getting ripe, these are outside
Question when are gooseberries ripe, how can I tell
 Stitching, just a few of the pale brown flowers to do
I'm really ahead on this, packed away until part 4 comes
New stitching design should arrive tomorrow.
Lovely walk around my plot, it only takes minutes, but I love to note the changes each day. It is sunny this evening, not to warm, but nice to see the sun.
I am going to do nothing tonight, I have a full on summer cold, and I feel rotten, I did not sleep well last night, so tired with a sore throat. plus there was a huge argument in the office on Friday when I was off, and the atmosphere is really cool, I have just kept my head down and got on with the job.  Our supervisor who is weak is involved and he is taking sides, oh well, the joys of office life.
My Kiwi seedlings, I now have 23 are getting stronger, not sure what I will do with them all. I also have some grapes, looking for one with a pip, I am enjoying the challenge of pips and stones, just some fun to see how far I can get them to grow.


  1. I remember the love in the mist, I love the blue ones, all is growing well, I love melon but not sure how to tell when they are ripe.

  2. Sorry you are feeling so poorly, I will pop up with some cake :)

  3. I hope you feel better soon. Summer colds are the worst! My DD is going through the same troubles at work. What a pain that can be. As usual, the flowers are lovely.

  4. Hope you're feeling a little better today, it's no fun being struck down with a cold just as the weather's improved a little. I inherited a gooseberry bush when I took on my new allotment plot so I'm quite new to growing them and I'm not sure how to tell if they're ripe either.

  5. I've enjoyed a catch up read. {{Get well hugs}} my son has a summer cold and has been in bed for 2 days with it, hope yours is not so bad.

    Your seedlings and plants are growing well and the stitching looks lovely.

    Enjoy your new book.



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