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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Busy busy

We popped to one of those plastic garden centres
you know the type, over priced
with more space for stuff rather than plants
but this was inside their coffee shop
great idea, taken on my phone so not  the best photo
 Purdy in the garden watching the birds
 Love in the mist
I could take a photo of every flower
they look so intresting
 Kiwi blossom
 Allium's going to seed
 Hubbies super bird feeder
the squirrels can't get at the seeds and
throw them all over the garden.
Today has been restful, did the housework early on, then lunch out and hair dressers, then out to Garson's garden center, I got some Orchid compost, I am going to re-pot each one. I also got a couple of solar table top lights for our outside garden table, an old 1/3 milk bottle (remember infant school free milk bottles), I have a couple of plants I need to root in water.
Later we are driving into Portsmouth, both daughter are doing a 6 mile walk for our local hospice Rowans, they start a 9pm and should be finished by 12.
Tomorrow hubby and I are having a day out, want to use our newly purchased National Trust card, going to Mottisfont Abbey, to wander around the gardens and then go to Stockbridge Common Marsh.


  1. LOVE the idea of the free coffee grounds. That would be wonderful for all restaurants to do.

  2. Love in the mist is one of my favourite flowers. The coffee grounds idea is very novel.

  3. What a good idea by that restaurant, well done to them. You have some lovely flowers in your garden. I do like Nigella especially.

  4. I hope you got yourself some great stuff for plants that like a higher ph like Blueberries :-)

  5. My mother and I purchased National Trust membershipsomeone when we spent the summer in the UK in 2013, so many wonderful properties! Enjoy!

  6. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. Since I live in the coffee capitol of the world(or at least it seems like that with all our espresso stands)I often see the grounds being given away to add to gardens. I have acid soil so I have not tried them. I will be anxious to see if they help your garden. Love in the mist is beautiful.

  7. I have a 'squirrel buster' . We bought it from Garden Wildlife Direct. Super cheap !

  8. Squirrels are a pest on my bird table...

  9. Sounds like a couple of lovely, relaxing days. I love wandering around garden centres (and home wares centres), and am more likely to come home with inspirational ideas for things to make than something I've bought.
    Teresa x



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