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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Thursday already

I have finished the center
I added some pale yellow half stitches in the blue flowers
These match the colours in the corner blue flowers
 I have also stitched one of the four outer flowers
I did think of doing these in a deep red
but I like this bright yellow
 My new purchase at the weekend, solar pots
they work well on the outside patio table
and they go well with Robin
 My lad's, Sam is a Grancha's boy
Josh again was camera shy
 More love in the mist
From bud, to flower and on to setting seeds
this plant is just wonderful
Yet another week passing quickly, we had the boys last night after school, Josh has been using my big camera to take some photo's and getting loads of tips from Grancha. I let Sam use my little snappy camera, he's not so good, just loads of photo's of peoples chins, oh well we all have to start somewhere.
Later I will be packing bags, we are back home in Somerset for the weekend, I will finish a 2pm tomorrow so we can get an early start, Glastonbury festival is on, so we will take the longer Motorway journey, our usual route will be very busy. Going to visit Logan and Finn, I've not seen them in ages, so I am owed so many cuddles, BBQ with mummy and daddy so a nice family night. Saturday night we will be with my brother Martin, no plans for the evening, will see how we feel.
It's lovely to have such promise for the weekend ahead.


  1. Enjoy your trip Marlene. Your solar pots are very pretty.

  2. I like those solar pots, they're really pretty. Have a wonderful weekend and stock up on cuddles.

  3. I love those little pots. Adorable photos and it sounds like a wonderful weekend ahead x

  4. Have a wonderful family trip! The yellow looks just lovely on the design. It is nice to get the boys going with photography at a nice young age.

  5. Enjoy your weekend, the solar pots are very pretty.

  6. Your embroidery is beautiful, as is your Grandson! Have a lovely weekend x

  7. What cute little solar pots! I love the yellow and blue of your stitching. Your grandson is adorable too!



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