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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Glorious sunshine

Showing off my replacement chilli plants
Our market had all the best stalls back today
They had all gone to a big show last weekend
 This is the 1st corner finished, with extra stitching, I flicked a small bug off my work and it left a nasty mark, could not get it out so I have added a few more stitches. I have also added the yellow centres to the small blue flowers, the design shows it unstitched. I have a huge flower to stitch with the lower leaves, I am thinking a bright yellow almost orange or deep red, there will be four in the outer design.
 It's such a lovely afternoon here, so a few garden shots,
on my little table ready to bloom
I love the contrast of colour's
Just a few flowers around the plot, these photo's were all just taken
I have added my photo at the request of Kev at An English Homestead, he makes a great point, we all get on well here in blog land, and make lovely blog friends, other than Dawn and Pam who I have been very lucky in meeting, I do not know anyone else, so will you take up Kev's dare and 'show us your face'.
I resisted the urge to show another photo of my growing melon, it grows at a steady rate, I have potted on my kiwi seedlings, I have far too many, but I will keep going with them. My African violet is now back in flower, and the leaf I planted now has a tiny new leaf growing, so my free stuff is coming along well.
When we were in town, we popped to Tesco, it's one of the few shops where I can get my favourite teabags, Taylors of Harrogate, Blackberry and Elder-flower, a mixture I love. There was a tasting for different types of Pimms, one being Blackberry and Elder-flower, so we have a bottle, I always drink mine weak as a refreshing drink,  so it will last all summer.


  1. I hope your chillies do well for you, love all your little plants in pots my kind of thing :-)

  2. That's a lovely photo of you. I hate having my photo taken, I'm much happier behind the camera than in front of it. It's such a pretty blue you're using in your stitching.

  3. All the plants look wonderful. I do love all the cute little pots! How horrid about the bug. Thank goodness you were able to cover up the stain!

  4. Lovely stitching. Nice pic of you in the sunshine, we've had a wet weekend.

  5. Lovely photo of you 😀your stitching is looking lovely too



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