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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Sammy sunshine

Summer's back and we're playing outside
Sam loves to sit here with his cars
 A few flowers from the garden, 
yet another Aquilegia such a pale yellow,
  and a white rose
 I can do colour as well
 I have finished this section, 
but I will carry on where I can for a week
looking forward to the 10th and my new project
It's been a mixed week so far, came home last night to a card through the door 'parcel in greenhouse', great no trip to the sorting office, BUT the courier dumped it on my pepper plant, which now instead of looks healthy and promising, it's broken and I'm not sure if it will survive.
On better news my new computer is here, at the weekend my brother Martin will format it ready for use next week, so for now I use this machine which is getting slower, so much so I am ready to dump it.
I picked Josh and Sam up from school, I left early, using my flexi time, so we have had loads of fun. Josh loves his Thunderbirds cards, he's thinking of Super Mario next.
I'm so glad the rough weather has gone again, we enjoyed eating our tea outside tonight, and I really enjoyed my walk around out little plot, checking everything, I hope to have a few more plants to go outside this weekend.
Inside, I have added soil to my kiwi seeds and I can see a few tiny green shoots, they look to be growing well. I have more leaves on my orange plant. I still have a couple orchids in bloom, I hope to get some orchid compost this weekend, I want to re-pot them all, something I have never done before.


  1. What a shame about the pepper plant, I hope it recovers.
    Its great to get a bit of sunshine :-)

  2. I do like Aquilegias, so far I only have white and pink in the garden but some of my neighbours have other colours and we are planning a seed swap later.The stitching looks lovely, as it usually does. We have had a glorious day today and more is promised for the rest of the week.

  3. The flowers and stitching are lovely and Sam looks happy!

  4. We've had things dumped in the greenhouse by the postie but like you say - yay no trip to the sorting office! I have a soft spot for aquilegia - I love their nodding heads lovely photos :)

  5. Lovely flowers. The cross-stitching is coming on well
    Julie xxxxxxx

  6. I think that's terrible about the pepper plant, the postman could have been more careful. We still had high winds yesterday but we've got a lovely day today. Rain's forecast again for tomorrow.



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