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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Summer's arrived

Our cats have the right idea
find shade with a breeze and relax
 More promise to come
parts of the garden is just ready to  bloom
 And still I stitch 
one side done
 I'm working along the bottom
this is so summery 
It's another stunning hot summers day here, I got into work just after 7am, so home by 3.30pm, but it's far too hot for me outside, later I will water my pots, in this heat they won't last for long. We are very lucky our house is cool in the summer, I have opened the patio doors, so we get air into the house (and flies their numbers are beginning to build), we look out onto our decking and garden, but the sunshine does not come direct into the sitting room.
I was going to post last night, but as the day went on I got grumpy, not the best frame of mind when writing on my blog. My phone was on the blink yesterday, I could not text or make calls, and with a change of plan over work hours it was necessary to contact hubby. So I have turned it off, removed the battery and SIM card and now it's working again.
I am making sewing plans, I have more pairs of jeans to make into cushions, I also have a pair to cut down into long shorts, but I would like some nice material rather than just turn ups. Maybe make a summer top, I have loads of fabric in my stash.
I am also looking for my July book to read, so if anyone has any suggestions, please pass them on.
Nothing hectic going on, just relax and enjoy.


  1. All your sewing is lovely but this project is just glorious. I am enjoying the heat, Ben likes to sunbath but he wisely stayed in the shade today.

  2. The stitching is just beautiful. I have been grumpy for days because of the awful heat we are having!!

  3. I don't like it too hot and neither does Archie, he couldn't find anywhere to cool down yesterday. Your stitching is coming along beautifully.

  4. Way too hot to be stitching here. A good book and an ice cold drink and sitting outside till late, that sounds like a good plan.



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