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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Back home

We have been home to Somerset
Friday/Saturday morning in Taunton, here in Vivary Park
It's 30 years since I have visited this beautiful park, so much open space in town, with play areas for children, a younger 'go ape' area, cafes, band stand and beautiful gardens and lawns. It was hot and sunny so the park was busy in most of it's lawns, with just a few quiet spots. This area has not changed at all. 
 Finn is interested in everything around him.
 Somerset wildlife had a few interesting displays
here Logan and I are looking at animals and skins. 
 Logan making the hungry caterpillar 
Everyone playing, poor little Logan at the bottom,
he loved every moment.
We had loads of fun and cuddles, the park enabled every one to run about and play games, with a good BBQ on Friday night, where it was nice not having to cook or ensure glasses were full, the boys both had fun with their older cousins.
Saturday evening we went back to the village Cannington, where I was born, I have a sister and my brother Martin still living there. We had tea in our local pub garden, and sat chatting for ages, it is so nice to have warmer evenings. Later we watched a film,  The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which I loved as much as the first film, full of our best actors from UK, very funny.
Most of this morning was spent in the car, we prefer to leave late morning for the drive home, the roads are quieter, our journey down on Friday was long and slow, from just before Bristol we hit the Glastonbury traffic, which was heavy and very slow. Still it was worth it to catch up with everyone.
Back home the rain has helped our garden, everything looking good, we need as much water as we can get, our fore caste for next week is very hot day and night, we are not good in the hot sunshine, but our house will stay cool, I will have to water my pots every day.
Tonight just a restful evening in, perfect end to a perfect weekend.
Glastonbury is a huge music festival, happens all over the weekend, very popular.


  1. You should of said you were visiting, I would have said 'hello' as I only live 45 minutes away from Taunton!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. It sounds like you've had a wonderful weekend. There's nothing better than catching up with family.

  3. how lovely to have a bit of a break with family, those animal skins look interesting :-)

  4. Sounds like a good trip to visit the family. So glad that you are safely home.

  5. What magical family time x I'm glad you had a rest and a fabulous weekend x

  6. Sounds like a great family week-end and such cute little boys!

  7. Such a lovely part of the country, sounds like you had a wonderful visit with loved ones. Such fun pics you captured.
    Not sure I am looking forward to the midweek temperatures...



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