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Friday, 5 June 2015


It started last summer with a lemon and a Lime pip
Now they are healthy plants
 Avocado stone followed
 Orange pip
 Oca from Dawn
 Kiwi seeds
I am always swapping flowers with neighbours, it's fun to help each other out and a great way to remove all the self seeding plants growing around the plot.
Most I what grow I start from seeds, veg and flowers, so not free but very cost effective.
I also love buying tiny shrubs and growing them on to larger plants, which helps fill my collection of pots around the back garden.
My lunch with a friend had to be put off, she has car trouble. Hubby and I was going to have lunch out and stopped at our local which has been done out, it's a Hungry Horse, we checked the menu, all fried food, so we stooped off at our local Co-op got a few things and had a much better lunch at home.
Hospital went well, I don't have to go again, just take the tablets until end of year, then I am free of treatments, so another good result, all I now need is to lose some of this weight, I have had a couple of good weeks, so I am 4lbs lighter.
If the sun starts to shine I will be in the garden this afternoon, I have my bigger net for the small fruit cage. Plus loads of pottering, which I love, I would also like to finish spraying my table and chairs.
It's nice having a Friday off.


  1. Glad your appointment went well. Shame about your friend having car trouble but at least you had a nice lunch with hubby instead.

  2. Its always nice to get something for nothing.

  3. Good news great to hear, lovely to see your pips tubers and seeds doing well :-)

  4. Well done for giving the fried food a miss. I feel like that sometimes about the prospect of eating out, especially when it involves consuming excessive calories.

  5. Do you dry the fruit pips out at all? Or just plant em and see?

  6. Freebies are always good, hope you have a nice lunch x

  7. Most of the chain pubs serve much the same, something with chips or a microwaved jacket potato with some sort of filling. The last time that I went out for a meal was almost a year ago, just after I moved. It was recommended but was very poor quality and way overpriced.

  8. I had never thought of planting lemon and limes, I think I will give them a go!

  9. So glad to hear your appointment went well. Four pounds is very good. I would be happy with that!



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