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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Summer's back

This Aquilegia has opened today
 Love these yellow ones with
Love in the mist forming
Can you see the melon just forming behind the flower
I have 3 on this plant
 I'm annoyed
sad looking pepper
 Under the tree, 
I have sweet peas growing out of the chimney
 Olives looking good
 Fruit, tomato's and marigolds
 Inside can you see 4 tiny green shoots
soon to be Kiwi plants
 I am going to finish this bottom corner
I love to be ahead on this stitch along
I can work out the pattern from other parts of the design
Life is so good when I can be home from work at 3.30pm and it's sunny and hot, no boys tonight, but hubby and I enjoyed resting with a cool drink watching the birds. Both our cats joined us in the shade, a lovely start to our evening.
Nothing planned for tonight, just home with eldest daughter Fliss, so I will do some stitching.
No work tomorrow, I have a day off, I have my last hospital appointment in the Breast Care Centre, the hope is for me to be signed off as the end of my treatment, I do have tablets to take until December, then I should be free of every thing. I am craving a normal life, the pills I have to take make me tired, make my joints ache and which does not allow me to exercise too much, hence the battle with my weight. I don't expect a magic ping and I'm back to my old self, but the hope is soon I will feel stronger and take small steps to being fit and healthy.
Either way the sun shine is helping with the feel good factor.


  1. All the best with your hospital appointment.

  2. fingers crossed they say goodbye and dont want to see you again, been there so lets hope you can have a little celebration this week end :-)

  3. I will be keeping you in my prayers.I hope a normal life is not far off for you. I always love seeing your plants, except maybe the poor pepper.

  4. So close to the end of your treatment! I know the sore joint thing very well. Hope the appointment is very positive.

  5. Your aquilegias are really lovely, you must be so pleased how your garden is performing. Good luck at the hospital, I know how stressful these appointments are and what a huge milestone it is to be signed off so fingers crossed. xx

  6. Everything is really blooming now. Your stitching is lovely.

  7. Good luck Marlene xx it was still warm enough when I got in from work at 5.45pm to sit out in the sun with a tall glass of iced orange.

  8. Best wishes for your hospital appointment.

    I love your chimney planter.

  9. It all looks good, best of luck for your appointment x



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