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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Roses and Voilets

Carrie Rose
 I am still sewing on this design
there are loads of repeat designs on this piece
so using the main photo, I am able to carry on stitching
getting ahead again, I will now finish the middle section
 Bargains in the garden center
I asked when is the best time to purchase violets
2 months ago I was told, but we have a couple plants left
99p each, still very healthy
Viola Odorata Mircle
So I have planted them in the shade
to fill in around this pot
I would like them to grow all along the back fence
 Bonus, they had loads of seed pods
Opened and on a damp paper towel
this is my preferred way to start seeds
it normally works for me
this is half the seeds the rest are on their way to someone
look out for the postman.
 Last night we popped into Southsea, a quick drive and walk, 
the land on the top right of this photo
is Isle of Wight, with loads of little boats on The Solent
It was farmers market in town, so I popped in this morning to replace my poor pepper plant, and most of the stalls were not there, I don't know if there is a big county show on, but we come home after spending not a penny.
I have not done much in the garden, I did get my fruit cage finished yesterday, today is very blustery and even in the lovely sunshine it is cool, so I have had the afternoon stitching, a rare pleasure, whilst watching the birds in the garden.
Hubby is away until Monday night, so I can have loads of me time, oh once the ironing is done, I might get it done tonight.
Tomorrow Fliss and I are going to Hobbycraft and Haskins next door, neither of us require anything, but we can enjoy the trip out.
I have done some internet shopping, I got a book, Paying Guest by Sarah Walters, I have seen is recommended on a couple of blogs, hopefully that will be my good book for June. I have also some Orchid compost coming, I have had some of my plants for 5/6 years, they still flower but it  is time to give them a boost.
In my last comments I was asked how I grow my seeds and pips, the best tip I found was to wash all the flesh off them before setting them in their planing space, the Avocado stone I kept on wet kitchen towel until the root appeared, the pips I laid on top of damp soil and let the root grow down into the soil, they were all kept on a warm sunny window sill here in my office. If you click on the named topic on the sidebar, you can read my various post about growing them.
My window sill has tiny Kiwi seedlings, an orange pip with 6 leaves, two African violet leaves planted healthy just waiting for new growth to appear, and basil, I have not had any germinate in the green house this year.



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