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Wednesday, 1 July 2015


 I can't decide which photo I like the best
top photo has foreground in focus
bottom has the Spinnaker Tower in focus
 I thought the cloud made the photo more interesting
we are at Portchester Castle, 
looking towards Portsmouth docks just before the storm
 I love the colours of the grass
 After the storm, 
these pots look better on a wet table top
they are both bright, which is pleasing. 
We went for a short walk, driving to the castle, which was clever as the thunder storm came on quickly. It stayed warm, we sat with our patio doors open until after 10.30pm, the heavy rain cooling ever where, it also rained in the night, all very helpful for the garden. I will water my pots again tonight.
I had another early finish in work today, home again by 3.30pm, on the drive in this morning the temperature registered in my car was 24celsius / 75fahrenheit, the office was much hotter, but we all have fans and all the windows open, so it was not too bad to work in. I'm just tired now, but a lazy evening home alone. Hubby is going to photo club, he is taking the next level, and then shares the new knowledge, not all of which I will use.  We have been looking at a new lens for me, I have a big birthday later this year, I don't want any more jewelry, I'm not one for swapping and changing what I wear. My last big birthday I had a greenhouse!
I spent loads of time last night unpicking my stitching, a miss count by just one stitch, I could have fluffed it, but I would know it was wrong, so the frog came out. It's a pleasure to stitch, not so to unpick. I have my next design for Maryse SAL2015, but I will do it over the weekend, it a very quick stitch.
I have just updated my stash list just over £60 for the month of June, most spent in the garden, with the pots above being the most expensive items I purchased.
I am off to make a nice warm chicken salad for tea.


  1. Lovely photos Marlene. I wish we would have a storm - showers were forecast for today but not a drop of rain as yet. It's so humid, really unpleasantly so.

  2. I prefer the first picture focussed on the foreground. Rain has started here after a stifling hot day.

  3. I prefer the top photo, lovely photos I like the one of the grass, we have had a storm break this afternoon but now its all muggy again :-)

  4. We had a thunder storm earlier today but it's still muggy and hot.

  5. Very pretty pictures of the clouds, the grass, and the storm coming on. So sorry to hear you had to do that frogging. It's always a pain!

  6. I love your first two photos - the colours are so summery. The heat was intense here yesterday, but sadly no thunderstorm. We could definitely do with one! Like you, I'm really enjoying being in the garden until late at this time of year :)
    Cathy x

  7. I like all the photos :) After all the fuss about the weather we had clouds and mist, though it was flipping hot in the tiny little room I use in the surgery!



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