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Friday, 29 June 2018

Photo post.

Just a couple of photo's from our trip
I don't often like photos of myself

Will loved his new cot blanket
 I only used half the yarn I purchased, so plenty for another project. 
Now I will finish my 2nd sock, I marked on paper all the rows so matching the size should not be a problem, I want to do more on my cross stitch and read more.
I am spending most days inside with our doors shut, flies and smell make our garden off limits, I check the greenhouse twice a day, but gardening is on hold. I prefer to be inside when it is so hot outside, I am not comfortable in this heat, but it is a shame I can't open my patio doors.
I do still walk 3times a day, but much earlier and later on two walks trying to avoid the heat of the sun. My lunchtime walk is now always the shorter of the walks.
The garden is looking good, just a couple of small fails, I’m going to have to rethink the planting on mums old bird bath, I will look at Alpines which don’t require too much soil. My three tier planter is full of French marigolds worked well, hubby is really pleased.
Later today we are driving to Somerset, not a planned trip, but hubbies brother is requesting we meet up on Saturday, our worry heads are on alert, fingers cross it’s not anything bad.
I have finished reading The Glovemakers daughter, I have read mixed reviews on this book, but I really enjoyed it, nothing beats a good book. My youngest daughter is now reading The Handmaids Tale, I am enjoying the second series on channel 4, the story line is not unlike 1984, both were wonderful reads.


  1. Beautiful photos of you both. Such a shame you have to have the patio doors closed. Fingers crossed it's not bad news when you meet up, will be thinking of you as you travel, take care x

  2. Great photos of you both! Like you, I generally avoid getting my picture taken but you both look relaxed and happy in those pictures. Will is getting so big. He is very cute and I'm so glad he is attached to Grandma's blanket. I wish you could have a bit of our weather, cool, cloudy, and highs in the 60"s. My garden does need a bit of sun!Hope all turns out ok with your family.

  3. I'm pleased you enjoyed The Glovemakers Daughter, I did too.
    Have you read The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley, a saga of 7 books planned, 4 released so far, my book borrower ladies are loving this series. I'm about to start book 4 and have loved the first 3.
    Have a good weekend, hope all is well with hubbys brother.
    Love the deckchair pic... will you have one of those in the garden lol x

  4. What lovely pictures :) The cliff and steep slope behind you look rather precarious, and the lighthouse shows the scale. Glad you didn't take a few more steps back . . .



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