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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Here comes the sun

Yellow, orange and red, few more stitches
 This is so pretty
I've got a few different colours for socks
 I love the 2 shades of pink and will use this yarn next 
I wrapped string around this pot for added interest. 
Everything is back to normal, TV switched off, dull outside midweek, so I did some more stitching and cutting out of bags, which I hope to sew later today, hubby is out on his motorbike most of the day.
I ordered two sets of small circular needles for my sock making, I hope to be able to knit each pair to the same level to help me ensure they are both the same. There were reductions on sock wool, and a few came to live with me, good prices and lovely as well, I always use Wool Warehouse, they are so quick to deliver, because once you place the order you want the item as quick as possible. I have an idea how I want the pink socks to look once finished, not to hard just different. Once I feel I have mastered socks, I would like to use thinner yarn and some hand dyed.
I have planted loads of succulent and cactus seeds from a mixed pack, it will be interesting to see what grows. I am really interested in growing my collection. I am also looking in charity shops for thick vintage jars and pots, I love adding cacti, making arrangements which are safe to have in the house.
Will was with us yesterday after noon, plus sleep over, mummy and daddy will collect him later, all he wants to do is be outside, which is good with me as we had another wonderful sunny day. We walked him to the park, yesterday afternoon, he loves being able to walk to places, how quick they grow up. He had home made shepherds pie for tea, and loads of fruit, he ate all my strawberries from my dessert, it's lovely to have a child with a good appetite. We spent the evening listening to music from down our street, a guy with a guitar at a birthday party, who played music we loved, a brilliant way to finish a nice day.
This morning we had loads of play time, cars everywhere, but Will is happy, what more could I want, he's having his nap now, he was up just after six. Later mummy will collect him, then the house really does feel empty, but tomorrow is Monday and Will comes all day.


  1. You are working on a beautiful design!!

  2. Sock knitting is so addictive, so it sock wool buying!
    Lovely stitching



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