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Friday, 1 June 2018

Finish, going round the bend

All the colour stitching is finished
I love the texture
 They are so neat
 How they will look on my bag.
 It was wet again this week so out came the needles
I loves these shapers, they are so smooth 
 I'm really pleased with the heal, it's my first time
Well it fits
In the end I loved the French knots in the three berries, the colours just zing out, and the raised texture is perfect. On Sunday I will get my sewing machine out, I have three bags to make.
Wednesday/Thursday, I was home all day, it was wet, so I got out the needles to do the heal of my 1st sock, because I have knowledge and experience of knitting, I found the process easy to follow. I did struggle again with the 4 double ended needles, they slipped everywhere, I do knit loose, so dropped stitches all over the place, I will get a small circular needle, because I am going to knit more. I am not happy with the leg section, I think I would prefer a longer rib or another design to hold it tighter. I am going to finish this sock, but I won't make it into a pair, once I have done the whole design and understand the workings, I can then adjust my next attempt, so I have a pair of socks I am happy with. I got the yarn below at half price, last weekend when back home in Somerset and I will use it for my next attempt.
Chelsea Flower show was brilliant, I love watching it each year, so full of inspiration and ideas, but it's a lot of hours for a non watching TV person. Having said that, the last episode of The Split was also brillant, can't wait for it to come back. 
We are now looking forward to another weekend together, with a promise of less rain and more sun. 


  1. Those berries are brilliant, such a great way to get some texture into the stitching. Well done on your sock, that heel looks perfect, you'd never guess that it's your first sock. I love my dpns, I'd much rather use them than a circular needle but they can take some getting used to, once you get in the habit of positioning them they're so easy. I only saw a tiny amount of the Chelsea coverage this year but I did watch The Split and enjoyed it, I don't think I've watched anything with Nicola Walker that I haven't enjoyed.

    1. You are right she has not done anything bad, lovely actress, I saw the trailer with her in and set the recorder to ensure I watched them all.

  2. I always enjoy watching the Chelsea Flower Show, it's great viewing.

    Happy June Wishes

    All the best Jan

  3. I swear one year I will get t ok the Chelsea flower show. Especially the day when they sell everything off!

  4. Awesome berries and I keep wanting to learn how to make socks



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