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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

You got to try it

I purchased these circular needles for knitting my socks.
The Addi set was being used by Warwick mum, who's pattern I am following, but she also suggest the Hiya Hiya set as well, which are a bit shorter. I started with Addi, but the loop was too big, my stitches were very stretched, so I used the Hiya Hiya set, my stitches sat well on the loop, but the needles are very short and have pointy ends, so very quickly I had sore fingers and the start of cramp, so I went back to Addi, but still found it difficult to knit. 
 So I am back on 4 needles, I have to sort my knitting so it's not so loose and stop dropping stitches, it's slower but better on double pointed needles. I aim to finish this sock quickly, I have an itch to use some of the prettier wool I have recently purchased, grey is really boring to knit with. 
 I have done more stitches on this, I am finding the yellow hard to see, so my plan is to do the orange and bright red first, then fill in on the yellow and finish with the dark red. This is very relaxing to do. 
 I saw a book review on Julies blog, and decided to give this book a read, I've not started it yet, I have a couple of books to read, but at the moment I just don't have the time. 
Today the postman delivered the seeds I won from Gardeners World giveaway, each pack has seeds for a useful or pretty plant. 
Monday Will and I had a quiet day, he was very sleepy, but the post man woke him up from his nap, and he would no settle again, so after lunch, he was very tired so mummy came and took him home for a lovely long nap in his own bed. I was tired as well so I have a really lazy afternoon, spent a couple of hours chatting to my sister, she gets free calls under an hour, so we chat for 55 mins and then she calls me back, it was great to catch up.
Today I enjoyed sign class, we only have a couple left as the class stops through out July and August, I will miss the classes, but aim to spend an hour, reading back through my notes and relearning any signs I have forgotten. I often remember the sign but not it meaning, it would be helpful if I could find someone deaf to practice with, Chris and I do sit together once a week, but we are often not sure if we are doing everything correct.
My sewing machine is still out, I have loads of sewing time. Hubby is away on Thursday until the weekend, he is meeting his eldest son off the ferry from Ireland, both on their motorbikes, they are going to National Memorail Arboretum, we have been there many times for Ride to the Wall, but Richard has never been there, he would like to do a RTTW event with his dad and brother, which happens each October. They plan one night here and then on to Somerset where youngest son lives. Hubby will be back home Sunday/Monday.


  1. I'm knitting a sweater using circular needles at the moment which is a first for me. I got KNitPro Symphonie needles and they are really lovely to knit with. It's knitted top down and I am now at the bottom of the body knitting the welt. Next is the sleeves and I think I shall have to try using four needles which will be another first for me. I'm not a very experienced knitter as you will no doubt realise!

  2. I love circular pins, and used them on my recent finished jumper, these are just so tiny, so I'm back using 4 pins.

  3. I grew a different variety of Clary a few years back and it was absolutely wonderful, flowered for ages.

    So I ask myself why the heck am I not growing it now .......?

  4. I like using 2 pairs of circulars as if they're double pointed needles I don't lose stitches then.

  5. I find it easier to use the 4 pins that the circular, it gives me very sore hands after a while.
    I hope you enjoy the book, its been very popular at our library.
    Great seeds you won...nice.
    p.s how's the cucumber doing?



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