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Monday, 4 June 2018

Finish and RAK

One large holiday bag for myself
 Two; saw this and thought of you
both hubby's oldest son and DIL love Beagles
I thought DIL would love a new bag
 Three; tea towel bag, don't you just love the colours
 I made double handle, one set shoulder length and one set for carrying, they are joined at the same spot and the longer set can be tucked inside when not in use.
 I am pleased with the burst of colour
 I have a huge pocket inside
 I was going to line with white, 
but decided the black was a better contrast.
 No lining on this bag, just a nice size for shopping
 I made French seams again, it's a much simpler bag to make. 
 This was one pack of reduced teatowels
It was always my plan to use all three. 
 You will never lose it
 The lower pink section is a big handy pocket. 
 Bags of room inside
 French seams again, just so easy and they look so good. 
Will stayed until after lunch yesterday, we had so much fun together, he got all the musical toys out and we were 'singing', me out of tune, Will making noises, but it was fun.
After a bit of a rest and a huge mug of tea, I got my sewing machine out, I had cut out three bags, of which I have stitched two, the tea towel bag I decided to start later in the afternoon, hubby did not get home until after 5pm, so I had plenty of time. I have a bag I am making for Shelia our sign class mentor, she has given me two flags from Harry and Meghan's wedding, it all cut out, all I need to do is sew it together. I have another bag I am making my daughter, using two tea towels with cats on, I made myself one with bee's on, but the bag is a bit small, so I will make daughters bigger using both tea towels.
It's such fun to have an afternoon sewing, it was very hot here, so a day inside with the doors open, was a pleasure.
The tea towel bag, is surplus to my requirements, I do not need another home made shopping bag, so I'm having a giveaway, if you would like this good sized colourful bag, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post, I'm not wanting anyone to post about this, I just want to say thank you for reading my post, I am happy to post anywhere.


  1. Your bags are always so lovely and they're such a great size for taking shopping. I especially like the Beagle one, being a dog person. I must admit that I have lots of shopping bags so please don't enter me in the draw, I'm sure there'll be lots of other people who would get more use out of it. I've just caught up with your last post, I see the sock yarn bug has bit, I did warn you, lol.

  2. I think your bags are great. You do a great job sewing them. I love the pockets and the large size. I am going to have to look up French seams though. I’ve never heard of them. Enjoy your day.


  3. Do you have a pattern you use for these or do you just make them up as you go? Do you just french seam them together and then square the bottom corners? I'm thinking ahead to Christmas, we all shop at Aldi's and these would make excellent gifts.

  4. I think your giveaway bag is eye catching and of course you inspired me to get sewing my own pile of dishtowels!

  5. Such cute bags. That one will be just perfect for a beagle lover!! Sounds like such a fun time with Will.

  6. I love your bags.I used to walk a Beagle called Harvey,for a friend of mine,he was so adorable.

  7. Great bags. I've just received one a friend made for me, so please don't include me in your drawing.

  8. Ive just found your blog so catching up on all the posts I'm not a good at sewing and have recently learned to knit socks on small circulars enjoying what I've read so far.carole



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