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Friday, 15 June 2018

And the winner is............

My 1st sock to the new pair is finished 
 2nd sock started
 both finished socks on stretcher
I managed to finish my sock, it does have a couple of issues, but on the whole it's much better than the grey sock. I am finding these very quick to knit, but I'm still not enjoying the double ended needles, I am knitting much tighter and there are less dropped stitches.
I have been looking on you-tube at the magic loop, where you knit both socks at the same time, I am thinking I might try this on my next pair. I have got the sock bug as Jo said I would, I am even thinking of joining in the sock line at Yarndale, the next pair could be for the line.
I was looking at my stash of wool, which last month I sorted and gave loads away for a charity knit. Since then I have yarn for 2 jumpers for Will, yarn for 4 pairs of socks, and tomorrow I should receive an order for wool to crochet another ripple blanket for Will. He is not liking his quilt at night, but when he sleeps over here he loves the soft crochet ripple blanket I made for his cot, so I hope to get one done quickly.
I have another 4 bags cut out on my table, which I hope to sew later, each bag already has an owner. These bags are so simple to make, our DIL loved the beagle bag.
I have sorted my giveaway and the winner is blog Cottontail farm, I'm sorry I don't know your name, either pop me an email, the link is in my profile, or pop your full name and address in a separate comment, which I won't publish.


  1. I can't imagine knitting even one sock, Marlene, let alone two at the same time! You are a very clever knitter. My own knitting has been sitting in a basket waiting for me to stop working. I am looking forward to picking it up again and continuing on with a shawl I started months ago. Have a lovely weekend. Meg:)

  2. I have recently started knitting socks toe up 2 at a time, I love it. I do knit the Fleegle heel and find it really comfy to wear and super easy to knit. I think that you may well have caught the sock bug.

  3. I thought you would enjoy the sock knitting, I hope you enjoy wearing them and having cosy feet in the winter too.
    I'm a Yarndale sockline knitter too, was just looking at my wool stash earlier this week to see what I have for it.



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