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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

More Photo's

Bexhill on Sea

 I love the old style 

 Everywhere beach huts

 Why does hubby look all of his 6'2" and I look 2' tall and wide?
Loads of interesting objects in the lawns along the front
Beachy Head

 Looking towards Brighton

 It was a very busy Sunday afternoon. 
On Friday we spent the afternoon in Bexhill, another beautiful sea front, all geared towards families, the most pleasant walk, it was a really quick bus trip from the site, I love how these resorts are kept clean and visitor friendly.
On Sunday we were taken to lunch by an old army friend of hubbies, Phil and Angela live nearby. After a nice roast dinner, we were taken to Beachy Head, which is the most wonderful place to walk, we could have spent the whole day there, just strolling around, on one side we looked down on Eastbourne, and on the other we looked toward Brighton and the south downs.  It felt as if we were on top of the world, with perfect weather sunny, hot and a nice breeze. Staying away from the edge, there are sheer drops in places around the peninsular, we drove to the area where the houses are being lost to cliff erosion, but could not park.
We checked out a couple of camping sites here and both hubby and I agreed we would like to have a couple days stay here, so we can walk along all the paths. 
We used the awning for the camper van for the first time, it was nice to have the extra space, we had a table and chairs inside, it also helped keep our van cooler, but we do have a huge fan inside the van, so the heat was not a problem. I always pack frozen home made meals, so we do not cook much, most is defrosted and heated in the microwave, we had enough food and only had to purchase a loaf of bread, we brought food home with us, as I like to pack too much, the last thing I want to do is shop when we are out.


  1. I love that view from Beachy Head looking down on Eastbourne. The frozen meals are a great idea. I haven’t got a microwave on board but am looking into it. We usually have electric hook up so would be a good idea.

  2. What fantastic views, I've never been to this part of the UK so thanks for sharing.
    Great idea packing food to take, you wouldn't want to spend precious holiday time shopping!

  3. This really is a lovely part of the South Coast, I enjoyed seeing all of your photographs.

    All the best Jan

  4. That looks like a wonderful trip, you are so lucky to have beautiful places like this close! We have a small awning too and love it, it really doubles our "living space".

  5. I left a comment on your last post. Not sure you'll see it since I heard comments aren't being sent via e-mail anymore. Your vacation looks lovely. I always like to take muffins on our trips. We don't have a camper, but we usually stay in hotels and I don't like eating every meal out. Glad you enjoyed your trip.


  6. I loved seeing the beautiful photos of your trip. It was also nice that you were able to visit with friends.

  7. Your pictures are beautiful!

  8. Its a lovely part of the country with such amazing views. Whenever we have a cottage intake frozen meals too. Its saves time and money.

  9. You picked such a pretty place to visit, perfect weather for a little British seaside break.

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