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Thursday, 7 June 2018

Hop to a finish

Completed my 1st sock
 Toes was fiddly but neat
 Heal, has a couple thin spots but good
 It fits
 Feels good
 I had a quiet moment to do the toes on my socks, the designer suggested you find a time when you could concentrate on the cast off, which I loved, I suffer from tender toes, so it's important this section is right. The top of the sock I feel is a bit loose, but I do knit loose, along from the heal to the toes I have different tensions, as I used different types of needles as discussed in my last post. But by the time I reached the toe cast off I was knitting much tighter and the dropped stitches became less.
I am not planning to knit a matching sock, this one whilst finished has issues, mainly with the number of stitches dropped and picked up, they show in places so I would not be happy wearing it, plus I think it might be nice to keep my first attempt, hopefully to look back on and chuckle. I also really do not want to knit any more with the grey yarn, it's boring!
I did say I was going to use the two shades of pink next, but decided it make it easier for myself and chose shades of blue, still using 4 double ended needles, knitting slower and keeping a better tension. Not having a change of colour will keep it simple, and the yarn colour changes will give it interest.
 I do like Drops yarn, and this was on sale. 
I have 3 pending post on my garden which I did this week, but we are having issues with the woman next door again, and my garden is not the happy place it should be, it's almost impossible for us to spend any time outside, our local Councillor is working on our behalf to help join all the agencies together to get help. The police has stopped her reporting 'our drug use' simply by telling her they have investigated all her allegations and in each case they are unfounded, and therefore if she reports us again without relevant new evidence they will record her comment but take no actions. We were happy for a while, but now she has changed tactics against us and the lady who lives the other side of her house. 
We have endured her increasing issues for the last six years, each year getting worse than the last, this year she  has a new high, we are stuck here as our house (as is the house the other side) is approaching being unsaleable at a reasonable price to be able to afford to buy another.
Sorry but it's just how I feel at this moment. 


  1. So I'm behind in reading blog posts congrats on a sock finish!

  2. Fabulous wool for the socks-I too prefer four needle knitting to small circular. I’m sure you’ve already done this, but is it not possible to have the local council have an ASBO on this woman which would eventually lead to eviction. It happens here in Scotland even if it’s a private house. The most high profile one was a council employee who went to the press with her tale of woe but she was evicted nonetheless. I feel such sadness for you that your life is being violated by a neighbour.

  3. So sorry to learn you are having such awful neighbour issues; this sort of anti-social behaviour makes my blood boil because it so often seems the perpetrator is the one who has all the agencies (police, council and so on) jumping through hoops to protect THEIR rights.

    1. Jayne you are so right, if she reports anything it's always fully investigated instantly, but the police took 3 years to inform her we do not do drugs. Environmental Health are scared of her, she is not a nice person. BUT our local councilor is amazing, chasing all authorities to give us and her other neighbour some relief. This last week has been horrible. We make a point of never speaking to her, so she has no ammunition against us.

  4. I hope you councillor can help and get these issues sorted for you, no fun not being able to enjoy your outdoor space in the lovely weather.
    **round of applause** well done on the sock, its fabulous. Roll on the next pair!



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