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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Growing stash, growing stuff

Tea towels and half meter of lovely fabric from Dunelm.
 Two dishes and a glass pot, all below £2 each, all for plants
 Just £5 from a local fruit and veg shop
 From our local market.
 I want to try growing figs from seeds, 
and a couple of seeds from our Magnolia tree. 
I have had a good day, my daughter collected me at 10am, we went to a local village to visit the charity shop with the great craft items, nothing much caught my eye, I did get my Orchid with 4 different stems in the village.
We went to her house dropped the car off and walked to her local Dunelm, I managed to get a new super king size flat cotton sheet, which was expensive, but I am very limited to what we can use on our bed, the quality means it should last for years. I got the two glazed pots in their sale, plus the tea towels and the fabric,  I need to make our 2nd DIL a shopping bag, and both daughter and I though she would love the bird fabric.
Early this morning I walked past the market as they were setting up, I saw the Hosta's, but did not have any money on me, so late this afternoon hubby and I popped down for our fruit and veg, and he purchased this Hosta, we only have one in the garden and the slugs have chewed it right back, so we can replace it with this one, and the chewed one I will put in a pot and bring it back, ensuring the slugs are kept away from both.
I have not done anything in the garden and very little craft, I did some knitting on my socks. I do need to sort my head with everything going on, I am this week sleeping better. I have done loads of walking, it's one way to be outside.
The fruit and veg man gave me the figs, they are over ripe, I want to try and grow from seed, the two green seeds are from our Magnolia tree, I going to try and germinate them, plus I have another avocado stone balanced over water to see if it will crack and grow.
Hubby is home for the rest of the week and the weekend, we cancelled our planned BBQ on Saturday, but we have new plans for the evening. Saturday it is our local Gala, held in the castle grounds, normally we miss this event as we are often away, but we are looking forward to the parade and all the family fun.


  1. Love the fabric. Do you make bags to sell? If you do, have you condidered making wine bottle bags. I have a couple of cotton and canvas ones given as presents. I thing they'd be popular.

  2. I love that fabric. It will make a lovely shopper.

  3. I do like the look of the fabric, and I like the Tea-Towels too.

    All the best Jan

  4. I've just been told that a very light spray with WD40 keeps the slugs off hostas! Not tried it yet but it may work. Love the bird fabric.

  5. Love the fabric and the tea towels, I have seen some lovely bags made from thick tea towels, something I may have a try at that.

  6. Pretty tea towels for your bags.
    I hope the figs grow.



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