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Sunday, 10 June 2018

That week is done

I popped to The Range in the week for some slate for my herb bed, as I wandered I saw this jar, it's big and beautiful, and perfect for cacti. The rope section hides the soil and the nasties are tucked away from Will's tiny hands. 
Plus it was under a tenner. 
 It's in our sitting room. 
 I have finished the heal of my 1st sock
 The colours are very pretty.
A lovely surprise
On Friday, feeling stressed, angry and very tired and unable to spend too much time in our garden, I took everything out on the house and cleaned top to bottom, I don't often clean the whole house in one go. So I now have a clean house and all the ironing done, which does make me feel better, with only two of us here the house does not get untidy or very dirty.
Friday lunchtime daughter brought Will to me, whilst she took her cat to the vet, Will was very tired, so I put him to bed for a couple of hours. Whilst at home, the door bell rang, it was the lady I had given the fabric on Thursday, she came back with the above bunch of flowers, she felt guilt because I would not take any money for the fabric, which was perfect to make waistcoats for 7 dwarfs. She had her young daughter with her, aged about 6 or 7, who gave me one of her sweets, because I had made her mummy happy.
Later on Friday hubby and oldest son was back to spend the night at ours, we all went to Southampton to a pie and mash place, in the carpark, hubby at the pay machine called out did we have a pound coin, to which Richard and I said no, you will have to pay by card. A lady was walking by, stopped and gave me a pound from her purse, and wished us a good evening.
So whilst there are times when one person can upturn your world in any wicked way she desires, there are lovely people about, who are caring and thoughtful, and twice brought a smile to my lips.
And as soon as I can I will play it forward with a act of kindness to a stranger.
PS. the pie and mash was divine.


  1. I'm so sorry you were upset, Marlene, I hope the situation is resolved now. How lovely to be the recipient of kindness from people you don't (or barely) know - somebody or something knew you needed cheering up and to have your faith in humanity restored.

  2. I'm sorry that you're still having problems with your neighbour, it's a horrible situation to be in when you've got to live next door to her. Isn't it lovely when someone shows a small act of kindness, it doesn't have to be something huge to put a smile on your face and lift the spirits. Your sock is coming on a treat and I'm sure it's more interesting for you than the plain grey sock, it's nice to see a pattern emerge as you knit.

  3. Those little moments of kindness do us all a power of good, Ihope that your issues get resolved soon. If not then I hope that you can find a way to blank it out, zero reaction is sometimes the only way to deal with fools and nasties.

  4. Sorry you're having problems with a certain person again. It's good that you could channel your feelings into cleaning the house and doing something positive. Many people can't.

    Sometimes the kindness of strangers can really pull you back from the brink and I try to remember this in my dealings with people. A bit of kindness goes a long way in this world.



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