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Thursday, 21 June 2018


Long strap shoulder bag,
change of plan this is for a friend who asked for one of my bags. I will purchase more fabric for DIL

 Another shoulder strap bag, 
this one for daughter who is cat mad,
made from two expensive tea towels

 Reversible child's bag, for a little boy
 I love the animal print 
 Bag made from flags from the royal wedding
 I love the back
 Close up of the front,
this is a much bigger bag, the design on the front decided the size. The material with their photo on was not woven as dense as I normally use for bags, so I lined this bag fully with white cotton material, this will give it an extra strength, plus I could put a pocket inside. This is for my sign tutor, she loved my home made bags and asked me to make her this one. 
I had already cut these bags out, so they took less than an afternoon to make, I am really quite quick at sewing them, BUT, I have no plans to make any more for a while, unless I get a request. I have in my craft room a bag for everything, sewing , knitting, Crochet, even a bag with my sign class books in.
I would love to sew other things, I have made my own clothes before, but I have a wardrobe full of clothes and really should not make anything new for a while.
I hope to use my sewing machine for Christmas gifts this year, as I do enjoy any time at my machine. What are you sewing?
Thank you for your wishes for my sign exam, it was not too bad, some things I did not know, but I joined the class later than the other ladies. We get our results next Tuesday, when we meet for afternoon tea.
Wednesday I caught the bus into town, met daughter and Will at 10am, we went for a coffee together, Will has his swimming lesson at 9.30, which he loves and is always hungry after. We then met an old work friend of mine, a quick chat, daughter took Will home for a nap and I spend a lovely 4 hours with Ann, we had lunch together, and a wonder around town, I spent nothing, not a bean, there was nothing I required, we popped into a couple clothes shop, looked at the sale rail but I passed on everything.  Both Ann and daughter loved their new shopping bags, another wonderful day.


  1. I make the most of my sewing time, shut away in my own space I sometimes leave the door open and Ben and Herbie join me on their sofa. If I want to be more sociable I am in the living room with my knitting.

  2. Your bags are great, i'm not surprised they were well received :-)
    Well done on passing the sale rails, not always easy!

  3. Those bags will be well used and well loved.

  4. Really lovely bags, Marlene. Hope you get a good result in your signing exam - not that it really matters much if you don't.

  5. Your bags are wonderful. I love the way you personalized them with the bird and cat fabric!!

  6. I too am all bagged out. I have a baby quilt for a girl to do and the I am working put how to make curtains for pur van with fleece lining as we are finding it much less cosy than the caravan. The I will start the Christmas sewing-some for gifts and some for my friend’s charity.

  7. Nice work! You sure are good about finishing projects.

  8. Nice gifts your bags make. love the reversible one.

  9. Love your fabulous bags....love the reversible one, great idea and wonderful animal pattern.

  10. Your bags are always so lovely, you use some really attractive fabric for them. Glad the sign exam went okay, I'll have my fingers crossed for you on Tuesday but I'm sure you've done very well.



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