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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Potty post

Along the side of our house

 By the back door

 On the decking

 Rethink required
 Under the Magnolia tree
 By the back steps to my greenhouse
 By garage door
 Olive tree, by decking
The pots above show a true walkabout in our garden. I have loads of fruit in tubs along our sunny fence, I did say I would cut back on pots, but as you see they offer a chance to have beautiful flowers and plants around the hard landscaping in our garden. I love to be able to reuse the pots for spring displays as well as summer flowers. Some of them stayed planted the same through the year, giving interest in the winter months. The Olive and Kiwi always go into the greenhouse through the cold spell.


  1. Your pots are lovely, I had forgotten how pretty lobelia is, the blues are stunning. I will be picking up some seed for next summer.

  2. Lovely photos of your pretty pots. Will you get Kiwi?

  3. Our neighbour had a kiwi tree in their garden, it had loads of fruits but we could never get them to ripen.

  4. Lots of beautiful post shown on this post!

  5. Lovely pots and how healthy everything looks.

  6. Your pot collection holds a beautiful array of flowers. you're doing really well in this hot spell to keep them looking so pretty.

  7. I love the hosta in the chimenea

  8. Your pots are doing really well.
    All this sunshine helps, but it does mean more watering.

  9. They’re lovely, so much beautiful colour.

  10. What a brilliant selection of pots, they look lovely.

    When I had a much smaller garden I had similar tubs to yours but at Bag End I now have none - got rid of the last few terracotta tubs earlier this year to a friend. With a hosepipe ban imminent I am glad I finally bit the bullet.



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