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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Blooming marvelous

Our Magnolia tree in 2nd bloom
pure bliss, and lucky to still have these flowers after the strong winds we have had, it's been more like late September/October. Still we are promised a better fore caste for the coming weekend
 I picked these three poppies from the garden
I love the thin petals, the colours and shape. 
 Done a bit more stitching
I have guessed the bottom right hand square will be another heart
The middle section arrived yesterday
I don't want to stitch more words in these last two hearts
so I am looking for something relevant to hubby and myself
I have decided to send my finished stitching Mandala Flowers to Michelle I love to see her crochet as well as stitching, plus partners Jack stitching ( yes lucky lady they craft together), and Sylvia her lovely cat. I will post it this weekend.
Tomorrow is the last day of July, where did that month go, as reflected by loads of bloggers this year is flying by. I don't feel as if I achieved much in July, garden looks OK, I have seen it better. I have been walking when possible (ie when it's not raining) and hitting my target steps. I am feeling restless, but I don't know what I want to do, nothing fires my imagination.
I am now working with Su to make her wedding stationary, we are keeping it simple and on Saturday we are at another wedding dress shop.
We do have a lovely wedding later in August, my niece is planning a super day, we will be away for a few days. Next weekend a visit to my brothers house, which is always fun, he is promising a BBQ in his revamped garden. Plus changes in work which most of us will enjoy.
I have been to our local library and found two books by Sarah Walters I so enjoyed Paying Guest, I am now reading Fingersmith, which will be my August good read.


  1. I love poppies I just wish the flowers would last longer, the few I have I am letting set seed I wish I had brought some of the poppies with me from the other house they were stunning massive flowers. :-)

  2. We had a huge magnolia tree once in our yard. Loved it so much! I am excited to get your lovely stitching too. Thanks a million!

  3. More beautiful flowers, gorgeous. I do hope you're right about the forecast, I'm a bit chilly this morning!

  4. Your needlework project is lovely. Is it for a special occasion? Jx



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