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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Been shopping

I've given in and been to the garden center
This Coleus was chosen by hubby
It a plant he has always loved.
 Cosmos and Nicotiana to fill holes in the garden
I have pulled a huge plant from here which was getting far to big 
Plus a Begonia for my tower pots
 Plus plants for an Alpine garden
 Now bear with me on this
We can all remember the Hot Chocolate hit single
'it started with a kiss'
 For me
'it started with a dish
I never thought it would end like this'
 Six years ago when we ripped out the kitchen we removed a Butlers sink, which I wanted to make into an Alpine garden, but hubby choose different plants, and now the sink holds my mints.  But I never gave up on an Alpine garden, I was watching Gardeners World and saw a guest making pots and gardens for Alpines. Yesterday we popped into Sainsburys and this pot was reduced to £12, so it was mine. The strange looking stone we brought home from a beach holiday years ago, I know we should not bring home stones, but I loved the shape. The fine stone, and slate I already had, so 5 plants for £10, plus 2 I already had. I have filled the bottom of the dish with gravel to keep the roots out of water. So lets sing along 'it started with a dish'
Found the above book in a charity shop for 50p, not started it yet, hoping this will be my July good read.
We have also been purchasing clothes, I got a nice summer dress half price in Sainsbury for £10, perfect fit, it could not have been better if I had made it myself, plus I would not be able to get cotton fabric and lining for just £10. Today I got a half price pair of sandals at Cotton Traders, £15 instead of £30, I am very heavy with shoes, so I never buy cheep ones.
Wedding dress shopping with Su this morning, was very interesting, 2nd time around for her, 1st for David, they have book a nice local large house/hotel for next April, her dress style is perfect for her, we have two other shops to visit before she will make her choice.
We are on a short break to Honiton later this week, many years ago it was famous for Honiton Lake making, so I am hopeful there will be a few nice craft shops about, our hotel is a large house with huge grounds, so our cameras and all the new lens are being packed.
Hope your weekend was good for you.


  1. I love your alpine garden. Have a super time on your break in Honiton.

  2. Your alpine dish looks lovely, I think these tiny plants are so pretty. I've been doing a bit of clothes shopping myself today, how I hate it but needs must.

  3. We are having a relaxing weekend just pottering.

  4. I really like your little Alpine garden, I hate clothes shopping really hate it, I would rather have my teeth pulled :-)

  5. Lovely idea, love your dish garden xx

  6. I love your alpine dish, so pretty. And I absolutely loved that book - what a steal at 50p!

  7. Sounds like you have been busy. The alpine garden is delightful! I wore a pretty summer dress for my 2nd wedding. It was a small affair with only family-that was 36 years ago! It was the best thing I have ever done!

  8. Love your little alpine garden, I've been very well behaved & not bought any clothes in the sales x



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