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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

More of the same

This is coming along nicely
I do need to purchase some more bright yellow thread
 These are stunning, hubby hates their smell
I love them
 Daisies are doing well, I planted them last year
the hope is they will fill this corner and flower after my peony 
 Dahlia doing well, with just one sweet pea
Still not a lot of harvest here, but every thing is growing, it would help if we could have some of the promised rain, another dry day here, just cloudy for most of the time.

I am really enjoying my stitching, but I have no where I can use it, the colours whilst stunning will not go in any room. So on my final post showing the whole piece finished I will offer it as a give away. The design will be completed, but I will not make it up, who every gets the finished piece can decide what to do with it. So watch this space.  I would rather give it away, than see it stuck in my work box.

Home alone tonight, hubby has photography club, nothing planned just relax and stitch.


  1. I like being home alone - with only me to amuse. I read, and crochet and fiddle around on the computer.

  2. I'm with Mum! I love the house to myself once in a while!

  3. I admit that I like being home alone, all my past times are on the solitary side, sewing, quilting, reading,gardening and cooking. I do take my knitting and crochet out to afternoon sessions but only in the cooler months.

  4. Such a shame that your stitching won't go in any of your rooms, it's such a pretty design and a gorgeous colour. Your dahlias are early, mine have buds but no flowers as yet.

  5. Very pretty, it would make a lovely cloth to go onto your tray for outside in the garden eating x

  6. This is a lovely design and very pretty colours. Sometimes we are not happy with the colours we have chosen but perhaps if you put the finished work away for a few months, when you look at it again, you might find a place for it in your house.

  7. I enjoy being home alone sometimes too, especially when I have a project to attend to. You may on have one sweet pea but the colour looks great alongside the dahlias.

  8. What a beautiful piece of stitching, so detailed and neat. The colours are very fresh and summery - could it be a lavender bag or pillow?
    Cathy x



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