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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Sharp shot

My new camera lens has arrived, so loads of flowers
 Purdy always watching
 I am very pleased with the lens, it's a Tamron 18-200, better for wide angle photo's, I can't wait to pop to Portchester Castle and capture the Spinnaker Tower across the water, I'm sure I can get a better photo.
We are away tomorrow and will take our camera and lens with us. I love the fact we both enjoy the same hobby.
I have done more stitching, but it will be packed away until after the weekend, I am only taking a book to read, we do have busy evenings, tomorrow we are meeting up with Kev's brother and wife for a meal. No plans for Thursday evening as yet.
I really should be packing, I have a mental note of every thing I need to take, I am charging batteries to ensure I have power for every thing. Our plan is to get up early tomorrow and be away by late morning.
I am pleased with the garden all the new plants are looking good. The Alpine pot is really pleasing, I have it on the back table at the bottom of the garden, I will ask Kev to move it tomorrow, it's a bit too heavy for me. On a sad note, my Avocado has done it's best and now it's looking rather sad for its self, I don't think I can get it warm enough, so sadly this will be my last post. Every thing else grown from pip and seeds are doing well, the lemon, lime and orange are all looking great, I have started feeding them with lawn food, tip from the internet. My Kiwi seedlings are slow but very healthy.


  1. Enjoy that new lens and your outing too. Purdy looks quite content.

  2. It sounds like your garden is doing really well - your white-themed flower photographs are very attractive. Hope you have a lovely time away :)
    Cathy x

  3. Lawn food sounds an interesting idea for citrus, I have my new little citrus trees to care for. Your garden sounds like it is doing great, hope you have a great trip x

  4. The flowers are so pretty. It is good to have a hobby with your DH. We both love antiquing. Now that we are in an area without great antiquing, we work in the yard and work at the lighthouse together. Have a great time away!



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