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Friday, 3 July 2015

Still hot

Home made ice cream sundae
With fresh fruit, jelly and clotted cream
we have a couple of large glasses made for this use.
 1st Dahlia of the season
just a simple flower
perfect for the bee's to get into
 Yesterday was just too muggy to play out side
 Getting ready for a BBQ tonight
just the three of us, 
Purdy in the shade
 Stitching, second yellow flower done.
I had to unpick more of this flower and got so cross 
I removed all of it and started again
I have not done anything in the past few days, just too hot, and yesterday was far too muggy, we have not had any more storms since Tuesday, but they are fore caste for tonight. I need to get into the garden, I have things to harvest, but other than watering the pots, the garden has been just viewed from the cool of our sitting room.
Work has been difficult today, we were called to a meeting and told all the supervisors roles were being reviewed, and 20 people would go, which would not effect our small group. Then we find out the nicest person was let go today after 40 years service, so loads of sad faces, we will find out on Monday if anyone else is going. We also had a charity day for a lady who lost her battle with cancer, the building is huge so the hope is loads of money was raised.
No plans over the weekend, the house requires a good clean, and we have to feed youngest daughters cat, she is at Silverstone with her partner to watch the F1 racing. We also need to go shopping, we now have our replacement working Fridge freezer, it was worth the wait


  1. Your ice cream sundae looks delicious. Well done of persevering with the flower.

    I hope you are able to raise lots of money in honour of your work colleague.

  2. I do feel for animals in this heat, Purdy looks as though she's found the best place to cool down. We had lots of rain yesterday but it's still very warm. Enjoy your barbecue.

  3. Now I want an ice cream sundae. Thanks! WOnder if I will still want it after supper?

    Hipefully, we won't have the days you have been having. About a month ago we had them and they were horrible. I have never turned on the furnace that early in my life. Glad the days returned to normal summer so a ceiling fan is all we need.

    Purdy is one smart cookie . . . finding shade on a hot day.

  4. I like ice cream, sometimes, I made some from Thrifty Lesley's recipe and it was delicious, I used wild strawberries and an over ripe peach. I want to try coffee and walnut next.I have a good idea how you felt about the unpicking, I hate having to do it, my toes curl and my back goes tight. I once finished the binding on a quilt and spotted a mistake in a block, I could not face taking it all out so added some applique. I never liked it after that, could not use it and it ended up as a raffle prize.



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