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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Holiday at home

Southsea at 7pm this evening
 We watched the huge boats sailing out of Portsmouth 
around Isle of Wight, and on to the English Channel
we are lucky to have this as our local beach
 We decided to have a late picnic on the beach
Fliss came along, it's a shingle beach
We sat for ages taking in the last of the day's sun
It did get breezy, but it was fun
 1st Lily in the garden
these are full of buds
 We have purchased these lovely speakers,
just upload your music onto a small memory card
and play, they will take huge amounts of music
Mine is the red one.
It has been a productive day, our house shines again, I was up early to get everything done before it got too hot. We went shopping this time to Tesco, we had some vouchers. We got both Sam and Logan, Minion T shirts and even found a Star Wars T shirt for Josh. I got a T shirt and summer dress in their sale, plus we filled up the fridge.
We had the afternoon at home, inside away from the hot sun. Josh and Sam popped in and were both very happy with their T shirts.
Tomorrow morning I plan to spend time in the garden, hubby goes away in the late afternoon for two days, so I'm looking forward to lazy evenings.
Now it's almost time for bed, fresh bedding is waiting for us, the humidifier has been on for an hour so the room is cool, I am feeling very tired tonight.  The heat always catches up with me, I am going to enjoy my shower later.


  1. nothing beats a day on the beach, those speakers look interesting where did you get them please :-)

  2. Sending sympathy your way for the heat. I know what it does to ones body.

    What is a shingle beach?

  3. What a wonderful way to spend an evening.



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