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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Who want's me

Mandala Flowers is done
 I have enjoyed every stitch
I love these fresh colours
Now it's up to you, the cross stitching is done
I am not finishing it as anything, that's up to you
If you would like it, please tell me what you will do with it, how you will finish it 
leave a comment on this post, I'm happy to send it anywhere in the world
Next week I will chose who to send it to
If no takers, it can live in my work box.
 Carrie Rose is packed away again,
 I have finished this section, in fact I have done a bit more
but now I have to wait until the designer sends the next section. 
 Last one standing, 
the wind has removed all the leaves on the other blooms
 Something has moved all the straw around my strawberry plants into this mound
We do have a family of hedgehogs visit most evenings
they have done a great job of keeping slugs at bay this year
The Strawberries have finished, so I won't disturb it yet. 
This week is very tiring and long, don't know why, just one of those weeks, we have a busy weekend coming up. We have decided to go proper shopping for clothes, hubby requires a good pair of black trousers and brown shoes, I could do with a nice pair of navy trousers, a decent pair of jeans, so Saturday could be hectic. Best get these few things whilst he still has his salary. I have looked all over the net hoping for a discount voucher for M&S, it would help ease the pain.
Tonight both Josh and Sam came for tea, Josh went to see Ant-man with mummy and Sam stayed with us, they are going to Grandma's in Manchester for three weeks, so we had loads of cuddles.
I want to finish my book before starting any new stitching, and for once I have not even thought what I would like to make next. I do require an online order of threads, which I can sort this weekend.
For now I'm off to search for my passport, can't find it anywhere, and we want to book a break in September at the start of hubbies retirement, and we want it to be in the sunshine.
PS. hubby found my passport in his jacket pocket, after collecting a parcel for me last week.


  1. I would put it into a quilt. I've been buying up these types of items so that they can be saved. They are beautiful and need to have a special place. I'm also going to add doilies as I think they need to be cared for. Thanks for the offer.

  2. Marlene, it is stunning. I am so envious of your skill and patience. I know that it is greedy, I have the sampler after all, but i would love this. Framed and on my sitting room wall to be enjoyed daily. I know that it would make a glorious top for a table, protected with glass but then would not be in line of sight at all times.I look forward to seeing the next installment of Carrie Rose. Have fun shopping both for clothes and a holiday. The wind and rain have done substantial damage to some plants round here, luckily my garden is reasonably protected.

  3. No takers? I'm sure you'll be inundated, it's so beautiful. I'm no good at finishing things like this off, I wouldn't do it justice and it so deserves to be shown off at its best so don't include me in the draw but I'd love to see what someone does with it. Glad you found the passport, mine expired years ago.

  4. So glad you found that passport! I had to get one last year because mine had expired. Your design is beautiful. All I can think of to do is frame or make a pillow, that's how non-creative a finisher I am.

  5. Hooray on your finish! It would make a lovely pillow I think. Your stitching is so pretty.

  6. Beautiful work Marlene. Have to say I wouldn't really know what to do with it, but it will make someone a lovely gift.

  7. It is absolutely beautiful, such gorgeous colours. I would frame it so hopefully it would inspire me to have a go :)

  8. I've got nowhere to show off this beautiful piece, but I can see a couple of ladies are wanting it, to it will have a wonderful home when you choose someone. It really is very pretty and lots of work on it.

    Happy shopping... hope you grab some bargains.

  9. I always shop online if I can and go through quidco to 'earn back' a bit of the money I spent - I'm spending anyway so might as well get it back! Beautiful stitchery - the new owner will be blessed to have it x



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