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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Busy weekend

Our girls enjoying the morning sunshine
and watching me with the camera
These are discussing the weather 
the sailor normal lives under our olive bush
My melon plant, I love the tendrils, the perfect curl
I have loads of flowers and fruit forming,
 the small melon I removed the stem was thin on that part
 I did not think it worth  trying to grow it larger
soon I will cut them back and leave just 3 or 4 fruits
Inside my maidenhair fern
it loves this shelf in our warm sunny office
I keep the roots rather wet.
This was tiny when I purchased it
Lastly from the garden
loads of summer colour
No stitching just loads of reading and enjoying the garden.
The weekend is passing quickly, we had a great meal out on Friday, we went to an Italian restaurant, I had risotto and hubby wanted a pizza, but without cheese, they were very good and he loved his meal, great feedback was left when we got home regarding the food and the service.  
Yesterday another wedding dress shop with youngest daughter and more beautiful dresses, one came out a winner and now is top of her list, this shop has the best reputation for service and care to ensure everything is perfect. One last shop today, I'm not going just bridesmaids with Su, she already had this appointment, so they will pop along. Last night was a BBQ at youngest daughters house, with Davids parents, just six of us, very quiet but enjoyable, loads of wedding plans were made. Nice chat with David's mum on wedding day attire, we decided no hats. It is great both families get along so well. It was a shame it got cold once the sun had gone, August has started far too cool. 
In a moment I am doing a quick clean and tidy on the ground floor, it's just dusty where we keep the patio doors open, we are both tidy so it won't take long. Later I am going out for lunch with a friend, and a bit of shopping, she wants help with the purchase of a special dress, she is very slender and wants to get the right style. 
This evening a nice quiet one at home, ready for the new week coming. 
I hope you are enjoying your weekend and have the sunshine as well. 


  1. It is good to find a place to eat where they can adapt the food to suit your needs. It shows that they care about the customer, so many places just want you in and out with the money in the till. Your photos are lovely, I have done nothing about a better camera yet, so busy now that I think I will leave it till the winter. I will have time to devote to it then.

  2. You have such beautiful flowers in your garden, I hope the melon does well. It's sunny here too, but quite windy and a lot cooler.

  3. Week end yes, sunshine, nil lol you sound like you are enjoying all the weddingness going in! I'm enjoying reading about it x

  4. My melons are starting to come along great now, I did a bit of cutting back last week on them, I love the sailor and think you should have him out more often :-)

  5. The cats look quite relaxed! I do love all your plants and those little birds are cute too!

  6. Oh, my! That sailor bird is too cute! :D

  7. Your collection of birds is really sweet and there is always so much to talk about regarding the British weather.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your meal and it's always nice when you get good service too.

    I hope the wedding plans go smoothly for you all. I was very lucky that our parents have always got along - makes life so much more pleasant.

    Thunder rumblings were heard a moment ago so hubby is hoping he can finish the grass before it rains!

  8. Sounds like you had a busy but fun weekend spent with those you love and hold dear.
    lots of lovely flowers blooming in your garden to enjoy.
    Our cat was doing just the same thing yesterday in the morning sunshine.

  9. Beautiful garden and lovely cats enjoying the sun. Happy times. X



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