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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Happy Sunny Saturday

Just the corner blue flowers to do
The photo would not turn, can't understand why my camera does this
But looked what dropped into my post box
I have started the side panel, shown here as the top
I could not turn this photo, 
 Lilies anyone, from our garden
I love the form of these flowers
 These daisies remind me of my dad
they were the only flower he grew, 
Stunningly simple
 Purdy, what you doing mum
 Grace, oh she has that camera again, lets ignore her
We have both purchased new lens, hubbies came yesterday, mine is due on Monday, I did have a play with hubbies, it's great we have the same camera's, these new lens are similar but not the same. We now have a huge complete set of lens. I love close up of flowers, each flower is so perfectly made and the detail is stunning.
I'm getting my sewing machine out, I have badges to add to hubbies bike waistcoat, he is out next weekend, I have a few little things I can get done as well. Later I want time in the garden, I have ignored it for over a week, so it is needing a bit of work to be done.
Tomorrow I am looking at wedding dresses, our youngest Su go engaged this week to the lovely David, which is a joy to everyone and something special after the terrible time they had at Silverstone last weekend. At the moment we are just looking at styles, she is losing weight, they have booked April 2016.
We also have to save time for the Tennis finals. 


  1. You're so talented, Marlene.....and you must have oodles of patience to do such fine work!

    Love your photos of the cats and flowers.

  2. Many congratulations to Su and David, a wedding to plan, how exciting.

  3. Lovely stitching Marlene. Love the pics of your furbabies.


  4. How exciting for you all, a family wedding. I can't think of anything more fun than looking at wedding dresses, until trying to make the final choice that is! Many congratulations to the happy couple. My lilies have just started to open, they seem to be taking ages this year. Hope you have a lovely fun week x



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