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Monday, 6 July 2015

Wild in the park

A typical English park
with a small band stand, loads of lawns
We are very lucky our council can still afford to look after parks
This year they planted a wild flower meadow along one side
how wonderful is this
filled with all my favorite wild flowers 
and loads I don't know, the area is huge
The poppies danced in the breeze, 
the cornflowers look like jewels and the daisies are like sun shine
We are so lucky to live central to the village, so close to everything. Hubby and I often walk through this park on evening walks, I would love wild flowers in my garden, but alas I have no space, so thank you to our grounds staff at the council another great job. 
Thank you for all your kind comments on my last post, it's rare I'm not happy with the garden, I think it's the heat getting to me, I am typical English, crave the sun and as soon as it arrives, I'm too hot.
Not problems in work today, we do not have any other people leaving on our floor, it's always hard when the company is getting rid of people, in our department we are so busy we just get on with the workload. 
I am very tired, I could curl up and go to sleep, I will get an early night, I was woken last night at mid night, youngest daughter at Silverstone race track, well she was at the local A&E, her partner was taken ill, and she called her mummy, scared and feeling lost and alone, they are back in Hampshire but after another visit to our local A&E, all they  want is sleep. Still he has been checked out and other than a small painful injury he is OK. It's been a full on 24 hours. 
One happy task this evening was to look after Sam and Josh whilst mummy and daddy went to Sam's preschool for his last report, in the knowledge it was going to be a good report we popped to our local ice cream parlour and each had a small treat, it's not the one shown here before, their portions are just too big and we waste so much. 


  1. What a typical Grandma and Grandpa, celebrate a good report with ice cream. Our sweet grand son lives so far away that we had to send money. He is now 10 and money is his favorite gift. The wild flowers are beautiful! I hope you get a good night's sleep-your DD too!

  2. Gorgeous park Marlene. Sure wish I had something like that around here.


  3. how lovely that the park has a wild flower area something I hope to do one day, they are so bright and cheerful they always remind me of that flake advert from way back of the lady painting poppies and it starts raining :-)

  4. Cornflower have ALWAYS been my favorite flower . . . they used to grow wild in the alleys of my hometown. Each year I look for eeds to plant and have yet to find them . . . and none of the garden centers cell them . . . what a bummer :(

    How about planting some wildflowers in pots? Then you couldplace them where you like . . just a flower pot packed with a mix of seeds . . nt thinned so they look natural.

  5. A beautiful park, very tranquil looking. I love the wildflower meadow, I wonder if could persuade our council to do something like that.

  6. A small meadow is a lovely idea for a park I bet it's full of all kinds of insects & bugs x

  7. The meadow is beautiful, there are some fabulous parks around, we're very lucky. How scary for your daughter, and of course her partner. I hope he's on the road to recovery now. Well done to Sam on his good report, it does make us parents and grandparents proud, doesn't it?



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