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Sunday, 5 July 2015


These are beautiful
The buds have opened
I love this group of pots
The Olive full of flowers
Purdy photo bombing again!
I have been in the garden this morning, and I'm disappointed, after the late spring and now with the heat wave, the beds are not looking good, I have gaps in the flowers and I'm fighting the urge to buy more plants. My herb bed is really suffering. Most of the fruit was planted this year so not much fruit to come, the blackcurrant has a few berries, my pink gooseberry which I cut back hard last year to beat the saw fly, has plenty of new growth, so loads of promise for next year. Strawberries, again in their 1st year, is a slow crop. The Raspberries are coming along, but they are late cropping.
The raised veg garden is doing well, but still early. My french climbing beans in a tub, are not much past 24" high. Even my sweet pea's, which I have never been successful with, have stopped growing and so far, I have one bloom.
The three tomato plants have loads of flowers, but are behind, they do look good with the Basil in the middle and loads of French Marigolds around the edge of the huge round tub.
Have you guessed, I am hankering for a normal summer here, less heat wave and a few more rainy days, I am used to having to water most days, we do live in one of the driest area's of England.
Day at home here, started off very dull and cloudy, but now the sun is high and hot. I am going to walk to our local park, they dug up a huge section and turned it into a wild flower meadow, and the flowers are looking stunning, I'm sure photo's will follow.
Later I want to start loading music onto my new speaker, it's going to take loads more than I will put on there, I love the music of my teens, so loads of 70's disco.
This evening I will be stitching, I am enjoying this latest project.


  1. Those lilies are just beautiful Marlene. I just don't like the smell of lilies though! It's a shame about your garden suffering in the heat....I know what you mean about gaps and things coming on slowly - my flowers are the same, although most of the veg and fruit are fine and doing very well in fact. Slugs/snails have eaten and decimated a lot of my bedding plants, little buggers. We will have to look at netting our raspberries for next year....the birds are eating the berries quicker than we can harvest them.

  2. I have just picked up stuff up for a bbq today and it's started raining....I'll send it up to water your veg :)

  3. It's raining hard here in Cheshire! I'm not a good gardener but everything looks green in our little plot today. Your garden looks wonderful to me!
    Love that minion quote - yes that happens to me all the time!

  4. I think your flowers are gorgeous Marlene.


  5. Don't be disappointed, from what I've seen you've got a beautiful garden. Your lilies are beautiful, I stopped growing them as the lily beetle found them and wouldn't leave them alone. We've had plenty of rain this weekend, an overnight storm Friday/Saturday and another one a couple of hours ago.

  6. That Minion quote? Me to. A tee!

  7. We are having the same problem here. Our usually nice lawn is like a field of straw. I wait until late in the day to go out to my garden and the plants are drying up in a few days. I hope we both get cooler temps and rain soon.

  8. Your garden is beautiful though so don't be too concerned. Hello to Purdy.

  9. I've had a lovely blog read of your recent posts. The beach looks wonderful, such a great view you have. You do take a beautiful picture and capture such nice things. Purdy looks adorable.
    It's been way too hot here, DH is complaining about his garden and everything looking parched and dry even though he has watered. Much cooler for us today so hopefully the heatwave has passed. Sorry to read you had to frog your stitching.



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