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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Saturday, that's our fun day.

Hubbies plant is doing well,
it looks like jewels in the sunshine
 We have flowers all colouful
 Harvest of onions, these were left in last year
and my 1st attempt for garlic, these from a bulb I purchased from the supermarket
Grace and Purdy staying close
 Seeds on offer at Wilkinson's
only required a few for next year. 
 Window sill plants are doing well
these all at no cost,
The Lithops is a favourite of mine

We had the most busy of mornings, Popped into Fareham, 1st stop travel agents, booked a week away, in Rio Calma, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, it's a quiet part, with huge pools, a man made lagoon, perfect for a week of rest. We fly 7 weeks today, we are both feeling happy now it is booked, the price hurt a bit, but this year is special. Next into Wilkinson's grabbed loads of bargains, some packed away for future use.
We drove to Whitley, there is a big (for this area) M&S, I was pleased I got my navy trousers, plus a light jumper and underwear in the sale. Hubby was not so lucky did not have his style of trousers. We popped into Next, I got a good pair of Jeans, and then on to the shoe shops, we went in every shop, but hubby could not find the shoes he is after, so me sorted, hubby still looking.
We were home by lunch time so not too bad.
Tonight both daughters are here for a roast dinner, plus David, so there will be loads of wedding talk. We are hoping to make the save the day cards, and also mock up the wedding invitations, getting ahead as much as we can.
Tomorrow a day at home, not much to do in the garden, the recent rain helped every where to look refreshed.  I have finished reading my book, so I am going to look at stitching, in a moment I will go online and place a small stitching order. I really fancy doing a big project as a free hand patchwork, making it big enough for a cushion cover. I'm going to have to get out my graph paper and sketch.
Don't forget my give away on the post below.


  1. Sounds like a very successful day x

  2. I am usually like hubby when it comes to shopping. I trail round shop after shop looking at stuff that is as interesting as ironing sheets and go home empty handed. The only time that I see anything that I love is when somebody is wearing it.

  3. Sounds like you had a very productive shopping trip.
    Those 7 weeks will fly by and your holiday will be here - if the first half of this year is anything to go by.
    Well done on the gardening, everything looks super.

  4. Save the date cards . . I so remember them.

    I ended up making them, wedding invitations, wedding and reception programs and Thank You cards.

    I think the BEST idea I came up with was to make a Thank You Card envelope each time I addressed a Wedding Invitation. When we reeived a gift, I could either write the thank you out or put their card, with the name of what we got, into the waiting envelope and write my Thank You when I had time.

    Can't wait to see pictures of what the Bride and Groom decide to use :)



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