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Saturday, 4 May 2019

We've been decked

Hubby spent a Monday lifting the old decking in front of our patio doors, this is a huge area. My 1st photo shows the area where our big heavy fruit pots sit, the decking was marked and the frame was rotten, so we decided we will make this top shaped end into a gravel garden. You can see how the old decking looked in this post here.
Tuesday he spent the day renewing all the rotted frame, ensuring everything is level, there is very little I can do with this job, I normally help pack away tools and sweep all the sawdust, and of course make the tea.
Wednesday hubby was out all day, so no work was done, I was pleased he had a restful day.
Thursday afternoon, he started replacing the long panels and I put the gravel into the top area for my fruit pots to sit on, this is the base for the slate, it's much cheaper than filling the whole area with slate. It will match my herb garden and hopefully look as if it's always been there.
Friday hubby finished the decking, a quick trip out to get the finishing items, slate for the fruit section, and a bedding plants for raised bed.
Moving the fruit pots have given us more seating space with our wooden table, we have extra chairs for this table, so it's now in a much better spot. The white metal table is back in the same spot, this will be hubbies next project, to clean and spray paint white.
I am loving the uncluttered look, my metal birds look good in their new home, all I have is a few items near the back door.
I have put all the bulbs from my pots into the raised bed by the back door, I have added a few bedding plants, but I'm waiting a couple more weeks before I fully plant it. We spent about £700, but got real value for money by doing all the work, I have not added any of the cost to my stash list, this was all done under our garden project spend.
We have just 3 full planks left, which we will keep, all the off cuts will be used in our wood burner on cool nights.
I just have a couple of pots to place, but nothing on the decking, my greenhouse is full, but it's OK, I can wait, even if my fingers are itching like mad to get things out.
PS, any time outside today, I'm keeping my clothes on, it is world naked gardening day, but it's far too cold to even take off my jumper!!!


  1. That looks really smart. I bet it is a real thrill to look out onto the garden and see it

  2. It looks great. It always feels so good to get a big job like this ticked off the list, and all in time to enjoy during the summer months too.

  3. Lovely job Marlene, it looks so good. Well done to both of you.

  4. That looks great! It will be a wonderful place to spend time.

  5. You have a lovely garden and now a very pleasant and spacious seating area. Such a good idea not to deck that little bit at the top and to put slate there for your pots to sit on.

  6. Your decking looks fantastic! Your hubby has done a wonderful job. Best, Jane :)

  7. There's a lot of work in that decking! Hopefully you won't have to do that again. But it really makes the home feel inviting to the outdoors, doesn't it. So do all your plants. Enjoy your new growing season.

  8. Oh My! Your hubby did a FANTASTIC job with your new deck. I'll bet you have been using it now that it's finished. I do like the new gravel area for your trees.

    Our weather is now "deck" worthy. But that will have to wait until we get all of the leaves and dead perennial leaves and stems cleaned up. Then the planting for the new summer. But it will be worth it to sit in the swing and relax with the plant.



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