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Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Crafting, or lack of it

My Christmas socks,  I love the colours and the stripes in these, a comment made on my last post about these socks was, you are making for Christmas already, yes I am knitting these, but only because I wanted to use some colourful yarn, I'm not that organised at all. 
A second pair started for hubby, this time I used the green 1st, I will knit these both at the same time.
 My next choice of book, another new to me author.
 Beautiful blooms are coming
 Blueberries with loads of flowers
 Blackcurrants doing well
 Loads of gooseberries
 I moved my passion flower to a sunny spot, near my arch for support, it is doing well here, can't wait to see the flowers. 
I spend lots of time wondering around the garden, looking at things, willing them to grow, and in my greenhouse, nothing big left to do, just tending to plants.
Hubby did some work in his front garden, he has removed all the Spanish bluebells from his corner raised bed, it's looking good. We also need to weed our gravel where we park, I do hate the gravel, but it works well, other than pulling weeds out. He has two big pots, which he needs to choose plants to go inside.
We did pop to B&Q for my chicken poo pellets and a low wire boarder fence, hubby spotted a English Lavender plant, which he liked, so it's now in our back garden. I am loving he is choosing plants for the garden, before he always left it up to me. I have added the pellets to my stash list, the other things were for the garden upgrade.
Bank holiday Monday we met daughter at a cafe at our local sailing club, nice lunch sat inside watching everyone on the water. We then took mummy and Will for a walk around the waterfront, it was great to be outside.
I am full of cold again, so no sign class, I'm keeping my germs to myself.


  1. Oh no, I hope you're feeling better soon. The socks are looking good, I've got some WYS Christmas yarn in my stash which I'll knit up for this coming Christmas at some point. Your blueberry bush has got plenty of flowers on it, I've got three bushes and none of them seem to be covered in flowers this year.

  2. I am going to get rid of my Spanish bluebells too as I want to introduce proper English ones. Our blueberries are looking good too.

  3. Sorry you're feeling unwell. You make a lot of lovely socks, do these need special care when washing?

    1. Being wool, wash gently in warm water, I do ours in the washing machine with our other woollens, and I always pull back into shape when damp.

  4. Lovely socks Marlene, I too am full of cold but the book that you sent me arrived today and has cheered me up not end. I will be starting it a bit later in the day. Thank you so much.



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