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Tuesday, 14 May 2019


 For a baby girl ripple blanket,
I have 2 balls of each colour, the joy of working with pink,
it's for my hairdresser, no grand daughters for me. 
 1 ball of darker blue and 2 of blue/grey,
with my left overs for a scarf,
 I am going to weigh these and see what I can make. 
 1 pale blue and 1 purple, with the left overs from my jumper last year, enough for a scarf. All of the yarn was from Wool Warehouse their Drops range is on sale. I do love the Alpaca range, it is so very soft. I will wait until I have finished the baby blanket, I might have some pink to include. 
I fell in love with this woven succulent

I am really interested in Bonsai, but most of them are way to expensive for me to try out, so I was really happy to see this tiny Acer at a price I could afford, the shades in the leaves are beautiful, it is now on my desk, I have been on the net, finding out everything I can, my hope is for this to stay small and improve over the months. The worse thing that could happen is it grows, then I would have an expensive small tree in the garden, it cost me £19.99, which is cheap for a bonsai. It is an outdoor plant, but I aim to keep it on my desk, the sunlight is good all morning, I might have to move it in the winter, when the heating is on. 
All the above has been added to my stash spend, I have a few garden things I require, but I'm still not ready to plant everything outside. 
We had a lazy afternoon at home yesterday, eating lunch outside in the sunshine, it was good to do nothing after the busy weekend. I have done loads of knitting on my Christmas socks, now I am planning the design for the crochet baby blanket. 
This morning is sign class, followed by an hour bridge class, I am making a 4, learning with Shelia how to play. 
Tomorrow is market day, I have 2 plants I require for my pots, so it will be a garden day. 


  1. It will be a change for you crocheting in pink after all the blue for your grandsons. It's really hard to resist the Drops yarn, it's such a good price, especially when it's on offer. I love the look of bonsai but, as you say, they're so expensive. It will be interesting to see how you do with your acer.

  2. Drops yarns is so lovely and there is a nice choice of colour too. One of the lads at work is into Bonsai but he pays a lot of money, so yes you got a good price :-)
    Have a good day

  3. I shall have to stop looking at your blog, Marlene, if you keep posting all these yarn pics....it's just so tempting! Lol.

    The Acer looks lovely.

  4. One of my friends dug up a dew seedling trees and treated them like Bonsai. The oak and Ash are very successful but the Beech was probably a bit too big to begin with, it is more like a shrub but he is happy with it.

  5. Isn't that woven succulent amazing …

    All the best Jan

  6. Good luck with the Bonsai! I was given one as housewarming present a few years ago. Sadly it died. Not sure if it was my lack of knowledge in caring for it or it wasn't a good one (it came from a well known supermarket!)

  7. Such lovely yarn, I'm looking forward to seeing your finished makes. My brother-in-law used to grow bonsai, I'm not sure if he still does. All the best with caring for it. Cathy x

  8. I did try growing a bonsai many years ago but it didn't end well. I just have the time or the patience. I have several Acers in pots and although they got a bit of a battering last year by the beast from the east they have come back bigger and stronger than before. I love the wool colours you have chosen they really go well together.


  9. Lots of lovely wool (who can resist a DROPS bargain).
    The woven succulent is interesting, never seen one of those before.

  10. That wool looks beautiful and soft, should make a great project.



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