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Friday, 24 May 2019


I have started the 2nd sock for my sisters Christmas gift, 
but it's not the same yarn as the 1st sock.
 As I was shaping the toe, I had issues with the yarn
It's Drops, Delight 4ply
 This happened twice, the thicker bits I could cope with, but the very thin bits were an issue, there is no point in knitting weak socks. 
I contacted the supplier, Wool Warehouse by email, they answered very quickly and within an hour I had a refund for both balls of yarn, and a free post details for me to return the yarn.
The response from Wool Warehouse was fantastic, I use them because their delivery is very quick, after all, we want our yarn as soon as we click the purchased button on our computer, but to resolve this as simply and quickly as they did, to me shows the mark of a good company.
We drove to The Range this morning to purchase the blue slate for our garden, they had sold out of the size we wanted, a totally wasted journey, we will wait until they come back in stock and hope the new will match the rest already in the garden.


  1. Oh no .... how frustrating and right at the end of the sock too.
    I find Wool Warehouse are so helpful and such good service.

  2. How disappointing on both counts. At least you had the good luck of some excellent customer service. It's good to post about experiences like that so other people know a good supplier that stands by their goods. Good luck with the slate matching! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. That's so disappointing, I've never used Drops Delight before. I have used Wool Warehouse, I think the mark of a great company is how they sort out any issues. You can get companies which deal with orders swiftly and have good prices but you need good customer service too in case of problems. Good for Wool Warehouse!

  4. I hate it when I'm knitting a dishcloth, and for some unexplained reason, there's a weak spot, and the yarn snaps. I imagine it's a lot like your socks feeling. Only, at least, a dishcloth is forgivable if it's multicoloured and mismatched from it's companions.

  5. I'm glad to hear the company was helpful but it is frustrating to have a day where nothing seems to go right.
    Tomorrow is another day :)



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