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Friday, 3 May 2019


Sock yarn for hubby
 Sock yarn for me
 Christmas socks for both of us. 
 Chunky yarn for a small jacket.
I loved this book, I needed to read a light novel.
Tuesday I went out for coffee with the sign class ladies, it was Shelia's birthday, so we decided to skip class and enjoy a social time.
Wednesday, hubby was out all day, so I decided to sort my yarn stash, see what I have and plan my knitting. I have yarn for another 5 pairs for him, plus 5 pairs for me, and a matching pair of Christmas socks for both of us. Plus leftover yarn to make scrap socks and some more granny squares.
I had started knitting a pair of socks for hubby, but everything looked wrong, and on checking I was using 3ply on my 4ply pattern, so it's unpicked and packed away, I started my 1st Christmas socks.
The only full size garment I have yarn for is a Aran weight jacket, for use at home when the winter comes back ( I have everything crossed it's really now spring).
I should look at my material stash, but it's alot larger than my yarn, that's for another day.
After a bit of housework, I was able to spend time reading, this book was fun to read, I have to find my next book, I still have a pile of unread books.
Thursday, hubby was out in the morning, so I went outside in garden, we had a delivery of gravel, so I carried it to the new fruit bed, making the base for the huge pots to stand on. Hubby worked on the decking in the afternoon, finishing most of the work, photo's next time.
This morning we are out and about for a few items to finish the garden, and a quick visit to Asda, in the hope we will avoid all shops over the longer weekend.
Needless to say, all the rain yesterday missed us, we had dark skies last night but the rain fell elsewhere.


  1. I loved the Elinor Oliphant book. It’s the best novel I’ve read for a long time and it got a 10/10 rating at the book group.

  2. It's always good to have plenty of yarn at the ready for any eventuality. I really enjoyed Eleanor Oliphant, I wasn't going to bother with it as I'd read some reviews which put me off but when I saw it in a charity shop I picked it up and I'm so glad I did. It's throwing it down here at the moment, I do hope it clears up later.

  3. Hmm, need to look out for that book, my reading has almost tailed off to nothing. love the sock yarn, I am working through the stash, just not fast enough.

  4. Are you really starting Christmas now? Wow, that's an inspiration for all of us!

    1. I'm not at all orginized, I just loved the colour to knit with.

  5. Even though you had a bit of unpicking, in the beginning, you're quite the sock knitter! I must confess to not tackling that particular project (ever) because socks looks so hard. Do you use the 4x double-point needles, or the fixed circular ones? I suppose the double-point needles would be invaluable for the narrow tip of the toe?

    1. I hated 4 double pointed needles to start with, tried a small cicular and hated that more, so now I'm back using 4dpn, and it's working for me, it is much simpler with them.

    2. Circular needles make it hard, if you don't have stitch markers to separate the rows. And moving the stitch markers, every time you finish a row, is finicky of itself, lol. I do like circular needles for knitting shrugs in the round though. Even with the finicky stitch markers.



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